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  1. Ruan @ Webluno

    MySql Import

    Hi there, Looking for someone with some MySql experience to help me with thellowing. I have an old database layout like this: And I need import it to another databse with a layout like this: In the old database where the account_status is set as 1 it needs to be changed to 0 in the new...
  2. Ruan @ Webluno

    Looking for someone to help me with some basic PHP & MySQL

    Hi there, I'm by no means a professional PHP developer but I was hoping that some of you could help me out, I'm willing to pay if required, hope someone can help out a friend for free :). Right now I have the following code: Problem 1: The form <input> field is...
  3. Ruan @ Webluno

    5 Reasons Why WordPress Is a Fantastic E-Commerce Solution

    (Original Post) Before we start, TeraHost now offers cPanel SSD Web Hosting with LiteSpeed & Imunify360 starting only R15 per month! Check out our hosting plans. If you don’t know this yet, you can start an online e-commerce business using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. While there...
  4. Ruan @ Webluno

    [Updated] How To Secure Your WordPress Site

    (Read The Original Post Here) On the previous post, we only covered a few ways that you can secure your WordPress Site, here are a few more updated things you can do! Before we start with security tips on how to secure your WordPress site we need to learn how it works, and what it runs on...
  5. Ruan @ Webluno

    How to speed up WordPress with ⚡LiteSpeed⚡

    View Original Post Before you continue reading this post you need to make sure that your hosting provider has LiteSpeed enabled on their servers. Get LiteSpeed hosting from TeraHost What is LiteSpeed LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server from...
  6. Ruan @ Webluno

    Huge WordPress update coming v5.5

    Click here for original post WordPress version 5.5 is coming very soon. According to, it’s scheduled to launch on 11 August 2020. Click here to view the development cycle. How to get the beta version? Take note that WordPress version 5.5 has not yet been released but...
  7. Ruan @ Webluno

    7 Tips on how to speed up WordPress [Bonus]

    How to make WordPress Faster Click here for the original post. WordPress installation slow? Did you know that having a slow loading website can negatively impact your website SEO score? That’s why It’s important to make sure that your website is fast so it can be more user...
  8. Ruan @ Webluno

    6 Tips on how to secure your WordPress website.

    How to keep your WordPress site secure Before we start with security tips on how to secure your WordPress website we need to learn how it works, and what it runs on. WordPress is an open-source website creation platform that is written in PHP and uses MySQL database. WordPress is probably...
  9. Ruan @ Webluno

    Any Forum Staff Online?

    [SOLVED] I was wondering if any Forum staff are online? I've been trying to contact someone regarding one of my other accounts but I'm simply not getting a response from anyone. I've sent over 5 emails and its been a few weeks but still haven't received any response. Regards,