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    Pfsense new setup

    Hi everyone, My edgerouter x bombed out.. So looking to go pfsense. Any recommendations on a dual or quad lan cards that I can install in a pc. I want to run it as a VM. It's for home use, so not looking for expensive options.
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    Tiguan opinion?

    Hi everyone, Any tiguan owners here that can provide me with honest opinion of the suv? Not worried about price / performance. Want to know about its reliability and maintenance costs? Is it also a high demand car for theives? Also any better alternatives?
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    Edgerouter x failover

    Hi there, I am currently use a edgerouter x to connect to a fibre link. I belive it has a fail over option if wan link 1 is down. Has anyone used the failover option in the edgerouter series? I am looking to connect the failover link to a lte 4g modem. Which 4g modem is recommended?
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    Graphics card

    Hi everyone, What is a good graphics card can I get between R5000-R6500. Need something to play flight simulator 2020 at high settings in 1080p.
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    Netflix high quality audio

    Hi guys, Just wanted to find out what happened to this feature netflix said will bring out last year: I also don't see the ultra plan which would include high quality audio...
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    Hdmi splitter

    Hi everyone, Looking for a hdmi v2.0 splitter. I have old a Yamaha rxv 575 receiver and a new Samsung 4k hdr tv. Was wondering if there is a splitter that can send the 4k hdr video to tv and high end audio to the receiver. Source video is 4k with dts-hd. If I connect directly to tv and use the...
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    Google my business registration

    How long does it take for google to update / show your business on Google maps or their search website? I have already verified by phone and published it.
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    Ubiquiti edgerouter x ssl/tls cert

    Hello everyone, I need some help. I cannot access the router web page from any windows web browser. It shows ip address uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH It works through ubiquiti ios app. Has anyone implemented a certificate into the router using a self signed...
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    Sadv ISP with on demand speed change

    Hi there, Is there any reliable ISPs in the SADV network that allows on demand speed changes like a quick day change instead of waiting a month?
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    aeonova 360 fibre and titc sa fibre

    Hello everyone, My complex Trustees have been contacted by these two fibre providers to install fibre, so just wanted find out if anyone have had any good or bad experience with these companies.