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    Per User Bandwidth Management for Wireless Networks

    Good evening everyone. Can anyone please enlighten me as to how one can manage bandwidth allocation on a per user bases for wireless clients? Example: user A is limited up to 1Mbps, user B is limited to 2Mbps, and user C is limited to 512Kbps? Limiting protocols on the network in general...
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    Rooting and Flashing Custom ROM on The Sony Xperia P

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping to root and flash a custom ROM on a Sony Xperia P. It seems however that most ROMs for this device are unofficial ROMs, or otherwise experimental or unstable. Can anyone recommend a ROM to use with this device? Unofficial ROMs are welcome, as long as the ROM has...
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    The Official Cyanogenmod Thread

    Hi everyone. I'm surprised this thread does not exist as yet, so I thought it well to create it. Please feel free to post any Cyanogenmod-related content (queries/ information/ other) here, regardless of the device used.
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    Rooting and Flashing the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping to apply an after-market ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S2, since Samsung is taking ages to release an updated ROM for this model. Can anyone shed some light on this process - the amount of information on the Internet is vast, so a tried-and-tested approach would be great...
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    Configuring CentOS 6 as an Email Server via Sendmail

    Good evening. Can anyone please advise, or perhaps provide some links on how to configure Sendmail on CentOS? Input from the actual server installation (best practices), up until the full functioning email server would be appreciated. First time working with CentOS, so as much detail as...
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    Recommended Linux for Servers

    Hi everyone. What Linux distribution would you recommend for server use? You can recommend distributions for both general hosting, or specific hosting (such as email only for example). Base your response on personal experience, prefrence, cost, support, whatever you prefer, and be as...
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    Advise on Outdoor Wireless Networking Hardware (Brand)

    Hi everyone. I am planning to configure an outdoor wireless network that will service more-or-less 100 users. I need some advice on what hardware (brand) to use for this. For now, I will start off with coverage of roughly 500 meters. What hardware (brand) would you recommend, and what is the...
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    Linux VS Microsoft Certification (2013)

    Hi everyone. I am looking for some opinions regarding Linux versus Microsoft certification. Please base input on factors such as certification demand, salary, and so on.