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  1. qdada

    Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81: Tributes are paid to tech pioneer who brought computers into people's homes with his ZX Spectrum…

    RIP. Probably the single most important person responsible for my career today.
  2. qdada

    MetroFibre Speed Upgrades ? Anyone actually received an upgrade ? [June 2021]

    Not yet but i guess i will begin to feel the anxiety after i have acquired a 1000mbps wan interface router at the end of the month. For now I am happy with the discount on current speed i have received from (FireStream). I am in Sunninghill.
  3. qdada

    Device Descriptor Request Failed USB Port Issue

    Boot a live Ubuntu, if usb is recognised then at least you know it isn't hardware. I had a similar issue with an old notebook and did exactly that. The USB was not recocgnised there either so I gave up because it is really an old notebook.
  4. qdada

    Firestream - No response from the remote server

    It was up by the time i woke up. I do take your point though.
  5. qdada

    Firestream - No response from the remote server

    As at 1 am, Modem error "No response from the remote server. Please check whether your computer can access the internet directly using your Modem. If no, contact your ISP for help." It is 2.32 am, going back to sleep, hopefully will be sorted out tomorrow.
  6. qdada

    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, and win prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: Firestream Ping: 23ms Download: 91.69Mbps Upload: 93.38Mbps Test your speed:
  7. qdada

    Rocketnet - feedback?

    i dont know if it is related, i am on Firestream (MetroFibre) and I am also having connection problems.
  8. qdada

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    I am in Sunninghill, no connection here either. I wish Vuma hurry up aready
  9. qdada

    Metrofibre Down?

    Is it down again ? I am on FireStream on MFN I woke up and some backups on the mobile that happen at 4am haven't happened.
  10. qdada

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    FireStream restored.
  11. qdada

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Same here, FireStream on MFN, Sunninghill
  12. qdada

    Migrate 10K + mails to gmail for business, 200 mail every 5 min

    I am sharing this with the hope that the ridiculousness alone will trigger a response from a more experienced person So I was asked for a more mature mail hosting environment from a firm whose email is the means by which they conduct most of their business. At a growth rate approaching a...
  13. qdada

    XBMC : SMB Share vs HTTP, which is faster ?

    Apologies if this has been covered before. I am setting up XBMC to use mysql. In setting up media sources for Movies is TV Shows, do I get any speed advantages when defining http to my media sources or should I rather stick to the tried and tested SMB ? The host machine is running windows.
  14. qdada

    iTunes music who buys and who prefers to pirate?

    I used to pirate music all the time. As I grew older I needed a variety in music than the easily accessible popular music found online. My other gripe had been the lack of access to local music. Then I was introduced to SimfyAfrica. at less than R60 a month, it is less than the price of my...
  15. qdada

    Apache 2 - Following a symlink to a folder on NTFS

    I dual boot between Ubuntu 13.04 and Windows 7 On Ubuntu I installed LAMP just to play around. I get '403 - Forbidden' when trying to access a symlink to a folder on the NTFS partition. I have googled a few forums on Ubuntu forums, can't get it right. Is this at all possible ? I saw...
  16. qdada

    Splitting HD PVR this way, is it possible

    Perhaps a picture tells it better, but in summary I wish to substitute the LAN cable portion of the figure below ( lifted so shamelessly from HDCABLING ;-) ) with a HomePlug kit ? The portion highlighted in red is the portion i wish to replace with the kit from Billion.
  17. qdada


    For the longest time I have been connecting at 4096/512. I am aware of my distance from the exchange, approximately 4km but I wanted to test what highest speed I could sync. For a sweet blissful month I could sync at 6144/635. Suddenly I am having sync issues, best I am getting so far is...
  18. qdada

    DSTV promo volume resurface ?

    I have the channel locked on the crime channel as well as TLC. I have noticed that the DSTV promos are noticeably louder. I thought this was sorted out long ago. Can anyone concur ?
  19. qdada

    Simfy iPad

    I am frustrated by Simfy. I am on the South African account, yet the app available is for the iPhone and not iPad. I don't know how to get the iPad app because it looks so much better on the images of the simfy website,