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  1. JouPa

    New giveaway - Win one of three Cricut Joy machines – A gift that keeps on giving

    Would use it to upgrade our 3d printed gadgets we make, so that they actually look good
  2. JouPa

    Win R2,000 - If you could retire anywhere in South Africa, where would it be?

    On a farm somewhere between George/Knysna would be really nice
  3. JouPa

    Do you support any charities?

    directly to Meals on Wheels and indirectly to a couple of orphanages via my church
  4. JouPa

    Are you vegetarian/vegan or thinking about it?

    I am mostly plant based, so still eat a little bit of animal products For me its mostly about the health benefits and the hardest part of quitting meat is that vegan food doesn't make me full or keep me full for very long
  5. JouPa

    Building insurance excess (what's yours?)

    My excess with Momentum currently is R1200 for anything building related, and they also have the no claim bonus option
  6. JouPa

    Dale Steyn to release limited edition NFT collectibles on OpenSea

    How are they original when there is like 500 copies of the 1 being sold? What stops him from selling more copies? Or is it like the car industry that chooses to only make x amount of a model to make it "scarce" and the next year the make the same model with a few tweaks and call it a new model?
  7. JouPa

    What is South African culture?

    Its more like gut bacteria, we have many cultures not just 1 even within each ethnic group. Some times some of the cultures work well together, but most of the time they just make a stink
  8. JouPa

    Seagate giveaway – Win FireCuda Gaming Docks and HDDs - Enter here

    Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive 5TB (STKL5000400) The usb 3.2 should help alot to move data to and from it at a decent speed, especially if you intend to use most of its capacity
  9. JouPa

    Rooibok vs Blouwildebees

    If you want game biltong then impala is better as it has 'n unique taste. Wildebeest just tastes like softer leaner beef
  10. JouPa

    Will raising the drinking age curb alcohol abuse in SA?

    could be yes, i could drink brandy no problem for a whole weekend straight with no obvious problems, but just 12 beers and i would have a killer hangover the next day, where my brother could drink a case of beers and be fine
  11. JouPa

    Will raising the drinking age curb alcohol abuse in SA?

    We used to drink 2l brandy with 1l coke per person, not sure how we survived that for so long
  12. JouPa

    Will raising the drinking age curb alcohol abuse in SA?

    Cant damage the brain if you dont have 1:p
  13. JouPa

    Will raising the drinking age curb alcohol abuse in SA?

    I drank alcohol since i was 14 and went to clubs from 16 , so the age barrier is any case useless
  14. JouPa

    Buying a TV

    I have 1 of those , as far as I know its the cheapest actual 4k tv locally the tv is quite good, just the HDR on it is horrible I sometimes watch netflix from the app on the tv itself and works good, not sure about showmax