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  1. saor

    FNB account options

    So right now with FNB I have: SMART ACCOUNT (my main account for salary etc.) GOLD CREDIT ACCOUNT (I don't use credit but use this card as my daily for spending, then end of month when I get this statement I transfer from SMART ACCOUNT to this credit account so it's all balanced and nothing...
  2. saor

    Korg Kaoss Pad KP3 / KP3+

    Item Wanted: Korg Kaoss Pas KP3 or KP3+ Packaging Essential: Nope Desired Age: Decent condition Location: Cape Town Shipping: Yeah maybe but would prefer local.
  3. saor

    How's Tinder these days?

    So while I might not offer her my seat, I'd still like to get a drink with her. Social circle kind of shrunk the last year or two and I've got enough going on that I don't really feel like joining a hiking group or whatever it is to meet people. Figured give Tinder a go. Are there normal people...
  4. saor

    Chivalry (or whatever it's called that guys are supposed to do)

    You're sitting in a crowded room attending a talk. Lady (you don't know) walks in and there's no chair. Do you get up and offer her your chair, or do you ignore the impulse because this is some old timey nonsense?
  5. saor

    FNB being annoying with their app

    Minor thing this, but twice now in the last month I've needed to make a payment and email a quick proof of payment. On desktop this is easy - make payment, download the payment pdf & send. On the app. No such luck. The only option is to send the recipient an automatic proof of payment that...
  6. saor

    Nutribullet Pro irritation

    Got a Nutribullet Pro a few months ago. Sometimes the blade + container wouldn't go down into the unit (feels like the round piece on the underside of the blade that interlocks with the spinny part on the motor is rotated just a bit too much to prevent them interlocking). It did this very...
  7. saor

    Suicide Squad (2021) - Spoilers

    I really liked the first half. The humor was on point, the banter between the characters was funny (lol @ Cenna in underpants). For me the movie lost it's way a bit once they'd entered the Starfish tower. Things slowed down and got a bit too claustrophobic and I was wishing they'd just get out...
  8. saor

    Alternatives to ADT for on-site guards

    Kind of curious what the general feel is regarding ADT and whether it's worth considering alternatives that treat/pay their guards better. We had a long-time guard fired recently. From all accounts it seems like an unfair dismissal but...two sides to every story and I don't want to get into the...
  9. saor

    Check after each wipe?

    Copying the best bits from reddit.... Source:
  10. saor

    Looking for a heavy table / workbench [CPT]

    Getting a machine (tabletop cnc) that needs to sit on a sturdy worktop so looking for something to put it on. The usual tables from Builders etc. are far too light. Any suggestions? Don't mind used / 2nd hand.
  11. saor

    Loki (spoilers)

    First episode? It's kinda cute how he still thinks he's a god; how for him advanced tech (when he looks out the TVA window) is magic. The scene where his motivations for killing were questioned and he comes up against his own free will were fun. A very good first episode. I hope subsequent...
  12. saor

    Freshwater fishing & other outdoor kids activities in CPT.

    Nephew is 7 and into fishing and animals. Not too interested in sea fishing so would prefer some freshwater fishing close to & around CPT. Any farms toward Tokai side that maybe have something like this? Would be the ideal location and distance. Else also general suggestions for outdoor &...
  13. saor

    Wrath of Man (spoilers!)

    Cool action movie. Didn't feel like a Guy Ritchie movie. Just the ending and the villain. Statham finally kills the guy and I felt nothing. The problem for me with the guy who kills his son was he had nothing going for him. In John Wick the bad guy intentionally comes into his house and kills...
  14. saor

    Afrihost Pure LTE vs. Fibre

    Not quite sure what the deal with fixed LTE is - if I get it and it's slow am I basically stuck at that speed and have to fork out for the cost of the router if I want to cancel? I don't have access to the approved routers for testing purposes so can't check it beforehand. Not sure how much of...
  15. saor

    Fridge repairs CPT

    Any recommendations for someone in Cape Town (southern suburbs) to inspect and possibly fix a fridge? Fridge compartment is freezing stuff. Can't see any obvious breaks in the seal or anything. It's a basic Defy fridge almost like this...
  16. saor

    FNB forex not working?

    What am I missing here? Want to receive from international, neither the app or browser lets me action anything.
  17. saor

    Sending under R10k to the UK?

    Easiest way to send an amount less than R10 000 (probably around R7000) to someone in the UK? I'm with FNB. Don't want to use crypto. Haven't sent international before so just checking. It's for family.
  18. saor

    Altcoins 2021

    Guess it's probably time for another one of these to keep the bitcoin thread on track.
  19. saor

    Sheets / Excel question re. percentages

    (Using Google Sheets) I want column F to display the % increase / decrease (obtained from column C) as applied to column E. The calculation is simple, but what's the simplest way to have column F perform the operation? Obviously I don't want to manually enter a different calc depending on...
  20. saor

    OCO orders on exchanges

    Just a heads-up: OCO orders are really useful. Been using it on Binance. Let's you do two things with a single order: 1.) Define a profit point at which to sell 2.) Define a loss point at which to sell. So if I bought altcoin X at 0.0005 BTC I could enter an OCO order to take profit at 0.0008...