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  1. Faux_Grey

    Does anyone know what router this is?

    Huawie B612-223 to be exact.
  2. Faux_Grey

    Best route to take for a new GPU

    "Best route to take for a new gpu"? Cry.
  3. Faux_Grey

    MTN Fixed LTE - Internet always cutting off

    Dof question but: Did you configure the new router with the correct APN settings before putting in the sim card? I am using my afrihost router with my MTN sim card without issue, but you do need to configure the correct APN.
  4. Faux_Grey

    Updated Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 announcement today - report

    Wake me up when we have a budget card that can compete with a R1,999 RX570 4GB card from 2017. 3080 12G is great and all.. but why? Miners are just getting them, driving the costs up. etc.
  5. Faux_Grey

    Please help me choose a mouse

    I've had corsair, logitech & RAT mouse(s?) over the years It sounds stupid but I finally found a mouse I feel that has the perfect button layout & software for me It's also ~300 bucks I've had this one for a little over 2...
  6. Faux_Grey

    Who is excited? AMD announces AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT and Radeon RX 6400

    I remember getting a RX 570 for R1,999 and with two free games.
  7. Faux_Grey

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    This happened yesterday right as I got an email from them saying "it's only available at another supplier" Like FML I thought you were the supplier? FirstGroup, Corex, Rectron, Pinnacle, etc should all be sub-distributors for AMD, with clear amounts of stock available at FS.
  8. Faux_Grey

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    This. I've had too many companies come back to me recently with "out of stock" when it's clearly been a pricing error. I don't want to let this go because I kinda want an upgrade, and first-(group) have also kinda screwed me over in the past. I wouldn't even care if they came back to me and said...
  9. Faux_Grey

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Totally discontinued, they couldn't possibly ship me one of these.
  10. Faux_Grey

    Pay as you go Satellite options

    I recently got quoted by Paratus ( They do month-to-month but have a 10k fee for the equipment if you dont' do a contract.
  11. Faux_Grey

    Computer getting power but won't turn on

    As a stupid question Is the PC actually not turning on? fans not moving? GPU fans not moving, disks not spinning up? etc.
  12. Faux_Grey

    Evetech payment

    The few times I've bought from evetech, I've done EFT. That will usually take a full business day or two to clear/process & it's also advisable you send your proof of payment to them.
  13. Faux_Grey

    Excellent Internet quality testing tool

    Welcome to MTN Fixed LTE
  14. Faux_Grey

    A wild price tracker appears! (yes, another one)

    Damn, this is really cool! I'd LOVE to see this expanded to the various PC hardware e-tailers just to give an idea of the price fluctuations on their sites. Maybe a "watch" feature which alerts you when price goes below a certain threshold?
  15. Faux_Grey

    Wootware Increases prices after I view Product

    With regards to wootware, you get a notification on the cart/checkout screen when something in your cart has changed price since you've added it to your cart.
  16. Faux_Grey

    Are you ready for a booster?

    Rabies? You need multiple (2-4) vaccine doses for immunity over about a 2 week timescale. Certain diseases require multiple vaccines over a certain time period. If yellow fever needed a booster shot, I am pretty sure Kenya would require me to have proof of having it before entering.
  17. Faux_Grey

    Are you ready for a booster?

    I like living and traveling so I'll defs get it. I get vaccinated & take preventative measures when traveling to weird places in Africa so why should I treat covid any different to yellow fever & tetanus? I'd love to see whos pocketing the dosh for all of this though.
  18. Faux_Grey

    I need help with getting a laptop for someone

    That really isn't bad at all! CPU in that should be a 5800H and the 3050 will be better than a 1650 for sure. Takealot definitely has that credit terms feature too when you're paying by card.
  19. Faux_Grey

    I need help with getting a laptop for someone

    You'd probably be looking at something like this: