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  1. Faux_Grey

    Am I the only person struggling with LTE?

    Hey folks! Just making this post here because I absolutely cannot be the only person in SA struggling with these issues on LTE I have 3 MTN LTE contracts, two of which I use full time (Supersonic Uncapped & Afrihost 200Gb) + spare 30G contract which I leave unplugged. Every night, without...
  2. Faux_Grey

    Anyone heard/used of

    Ey folks Was looking for some pelican rugged equipment cases. I got linked to the below: How dodgy is this site? Am I better off just ordering from amazon through scotts shipping? I cant find any info on this store or...
  3. Faux_Grey

    Deep Rock Galactic is an awesome game and you should play it

    I got the game back in late 2018 and have been playing it since. Devs are constantly releasing updates and adding content (free) It definitely deserves a place in the top 5 on steam, as it's currently at 71,000 positive reviews with a 97% rating. COST: The game itself only costs R175. TL;DR...
  4. Faux_Grey

    Internet is down? like.. the whole internet?

    Hey folks, couple of us were hanging out on discord tonight, 3rd of march 2021, and at around 7:40pm all of our internet stopped working, we're all using different ISPs and providers. This happened to anyone else?
  5. Faux_Grey

    Nedbank card being declined everywhere online

    Hey folks, I recently got a nedbank mastercard and it's not being accepted anywhere online using international currency. Speaking to nedbank, online transactions are enabled for the card, it's not being blocked by fraud detection, etc. I've tried to buy some airtime for my UK simcard through my...
  6. Faux_Grey

    MTN Fixed LTE - are you blacklisted or unable to send/recieve traffic?

    Hi all, There seems to be two common problems on the MTN fixed LTE: Being "blocked" (no 4G or invalid profile) Being connected, but unable to load anything until you call up and have someone "reset" your connection I've spent some time dealing with very helpful people inside of afrihost who...