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    SIP With Huawei B618

    Hi. I’m using the vox sip account with my huawei B618. I have an analog phone connected to the router. My issue is I can make calls but when someone calls me, but it doesn’t receive calls. Anyone else experienced this issue and manage to resolve it?
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    Openserve roll out time

    Hi guys. The contractors from Openserve have installed Fibre in the complex. They have one more building which they anticipate will be done by tomorrow. Thereafter the roll out in my area will be completed. How long after laying the Fibre does it take for the area to go live?
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    Hi. My area is currently being trenched for Fibre by Openserve. They started 3 weeks ago. I wanted to know how long do they take to finish the trenching process?
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    Hi all. I’m new to this and wanted input. Which app is the best to use when dealing with forex? Do you have to go through someone to start or can you sign up through an app with documents such as ID, etc? will greatly appreciate any advice.
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    Installing fiber in a complex

    Hi, I require assistance. The body corporate at my complex managed to get the interest in fiber from the residents however they are trying to get into contact with Vodacom, Vumatel and MTN to install fiber in the complex. They have already sent communications to Openserve, Bitco and Metrofibre...
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    Fixed LTE Issue

    Hi. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the fixed MTN LTE from Afrihost? Twitter is taking so long to load, other sites are taking so long to load. Only the content cached in SA is fine. This only started from today. Really frustrated at this point. I contacted Afrihost but they said all...
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    Help on bandwidth limiting.

    Hi. I have a Huawei B618 router and an Asus N14U ADSL router. I want to limit my download speed of my lte and the asus router has this feature. How do I go about linking my Asus router to the Huawei to use the bandwidth limit feature? And if I cannot, please suggest what I can do. please...
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    MTN changes night data times

    Hi. Did anyone receive an SMS from MTN regarding night data? The time of use has been changed from 00.01 till 05.59 to 00.01 till 04.59. Very disappointing.
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    Please read, Afrihost

    ‪Dear Afrihost. ‬ ‪My latency to London is 200ms and my latency to New York is 290ms. I have never experienced such low latency! Please keep the new capacity you have and ditch WACS/SAT3 as I’m super impressed right now. ‬
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    Question on Laptop and gaming

    Hi guys. I have an Acer Aspire 3 512GB SSD i5 - 10th Gen Quad core Windows 10 12GB Ram Theres 2 Ghz amounts under info. @ 1.60GHz 2.11 GHz What does this mean? And will the laptop play games like Overwatch comfortably or will I have performance issues? Thanks.
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    Xiaomi Mi Box S review

    Hi guys. Im interested in the mi box S. Any reviews from the people that purchased it? Is this box worth it just for streaming? Is the 8GB enough storage if you're just streaming? Thanks. Apologies if a thread exists. I couldn't find it this I created this one.
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    Best/noteworthy family movie suggestions

    Hi guys. Please suggest family movies that are worth watching and enjoyable. It doesn't have to be animated movies. Something suitable for movie nights with the family. Thanks.
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    AlwaysOn... More like AlwaysExpensive

    What the heck is up with AlwaysOn prices? Why so expensive? I wouldn't mind buying wifi but c'mon. Those prices are damn steep.