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    The above ground pool thread Picked this up at Pick n Pay Hyper for R2999. Using a wheel sweeper to clean the bottom, does the job, only downside is its a manual job.
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    Fixed LTE - Telkom vs MTN - tower lock?

    As far as I know the 100GB and 200GB is being migrated to MTN. Afrihost sends a mail with a link to do the migration. If you gonna call them don't use option 1, the general enquiries guys/girls are quite clueless. Rather go with option 2 then 1 for technical support
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Howzit. Anyone from durbs know where I could get some good bud. Am in the sarnia area
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    Surtie Inheritance Scam

    I want millions too
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    The Cannabis Thread

    +1 learn't so much from starting at page 1