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    I'm moving to a small town in Mpumalanga

    Possibly. Will have to see how things go in the next few months. However, I got pricing from Vox recommending Yahclick satellite packages. However they say latency is very high. 4 Gen Unlimited packages. I want unlimited internet, but that won't be any good if latency is very high. Any other...
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    Proof of ownership ?

    Hi folks, I have two relatively new Vodacom numbers. I bought pre-paid sim cards, and one service I use, wants proof from Vodacom that I own one of the numbers. How can I give them proof ? It sounds like they want documented proof, and yet I have a pre-paid number. Vodacom centers aren't any...
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    FNB app with Bluestacks

    Hi folks, I'm having a torrid time with the FNB app on Bluestacks. I installed it via google play, but it's always stuck on the loading screen. I don't have an iPhone or android phone, so I use Bluestacks for my apps on my pc. Anyone else experienced problems with the FNB app on Bluestacks ...
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    Telkom called and i need help please

    They said they are replacing the copper wires with fibre, and they said our current call plan falls away and we need to choose a package to go forward with. Problem is the lady i spoke to said i will receive an email, but i never received an email. Telkom website is no use, so now i have no...
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    Do the following work together ?

    I will be getting a Mikrotik hap lite AC router soon, and i currently have a tp link TL-WR840N working as an access point. It receives it's data from the Archer c20 which we will replace. Will the TL-WR840N work as an access point for the Mikrotik router ? Thanks
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    Cancelling webafrica

    I get the following message in the customer zone " Please note: This service is on a contract - if the service is cancelled prior to the end of the contract, you are liable to pay for any outstanding months. " I am not aware of any contract. I'm on 50/25 Fibre on Openserve. Recently changed to...
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    Frequent disconnects - Help please!

    Hi, i'm new here, and wanting help please. Our 50mb uncapped, unshaped Fibre internet with Webafrica is spread over two houses bordering each other in a townhouse complex. We have an Archer C20 main router and a Alcatel Lucent I-240g ONT. We also have a TP link TL-WR840N which runs a cable...