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    High Ping(gaming) when users connect to the internet wireless.

    Hi everyone. So i hope i can find someone who can help me, i currently have a 20mb ADSL line , upgraded because there is about 3-6 users connecting to the router via phone on wireless to the router. When i'm gaming and no one is connected, my ping is in the 200 range, but when they connect on...
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    LTE connection but i have LTE-A coverage

    Hi everyone, so i recently got my Huawei B525s-65a LTE/LTE-A router with a telkom Data plan from Webafrica(TELKOM Package) which is month to month. I asked Telkom will i be able to get LTE-A connection because i have coverage in my Area, and they said it will connect to LTE-A,even Webafrica...