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    How to import from GearBest and more

    Don't buy the k20, it comes with a Chinese rom.. Rather go for the mi 9t on gearbest. There are tons of coupons right now
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    Or priority line which goes through buffalo
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    Rain R250 uncapped offer ending 30th June

    I've noticed that Rain is realllyy sensitive to how far you are away from a tower. Close to it will easily give you 50mbps while being a bit further than 1km away will bring it down to 10mbps
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    MTN s poor network

    Just you I guess? MTN in Durbanville area is better than any provider I've tested
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    Telkom tower congestion leaves LTE user with 2Mbps speeds every evening

    Wait, tell me that again? My Rain sim has been dead for 2 days [emoji23][emoji20]
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    Rain LTE not Working?

    Interesting... What happend to the name though
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    Rain LTE not Working?

    I had absolutely no internet access at all this morning... I re-entered my APN settings and was fine again.... However "rain" disappeared and only shows 65538 on the picture
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    Guess no more Rain Fixed LTE for me.

    And for some reason it's not even showing "rain" just 65538
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    Guess no more Rain Fixed LTE for me.

    Rain is dead for me. Can't even run a speedtest
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    Please do a MyBroadband speed test on Rain

    Ping: 57 Download: 42.1Mbps Upload: 23.1Mbps
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    This thread is actually hilarious [emoji23][emoji23]
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    How do I get money from a Paypal Account?

    Other way around here. Can't do anything. Wasted R40
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    Pro tip... Creating a new account works everytime
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Wtf is going on in this thread? [emoji23][emoji23]
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Thanks for the reply.... Yehhh.... I'm going to be with Openserve. Really disappointing but got no other choice. The funny thing is Vuma is right next to me but opposite a main road.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Hey everyone. Our fibre just got installed about 5 days ago. Since the announcement of fibre installation I was Cool Ideas all the way... But recently things are really concerning, high pings, packet loss, slow speede etc. Would you still recommend cool ideas over other ISPs? I'm really hoping...
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    Qualcomm’s new 60GHz Wi-Fi chips

    802.11 ayyyyyy
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    Metrofibre Down?

    Yesterday night o Vuma also had really slow speeds