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    Average monthly data usage - iPhone 4

    My average data useage is over 1GB - the data packages for the iphone sucks big time!! Why don't we have something similar to BB - something like R65 for unlimited internet useage? WTF?
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    AirPort on iMac

    Hi, :confused::confused: I am a iMac newbie and need some help. What is the Airport utility? Does my mac have built in Wi-Fi? I don't understand how it works. I also got an iphone 4 and want to be able to play music on my mac through my iphone - is this possible? Do I need to turn on Airport...
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    Radio ZA iPhone App

    Yes - that's the name. Thanks for the info guys!!
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    Radio ZA iPhone App

    I bet i chows your data bundle a lot??
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    Vodacom to Launch Ipad

    what a waste! THERE WILL BE NO STOCK! just like the iphone 4.
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    Radio ZA iPhone App

    Does this app stream radio to your device?
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    iPhone 4 - Stock Availability - MTN

    finally got my effing iPhone 4, after 2 months of waiting!! funny how these things work ... now i need to wait 5 bloody hours for the micro-sim swop to be activated. 5 HOURS ?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF!
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    iPhone 4 - Stock Availability - Vodacom

    Mobile operator MTN has committed to improved iPhone 4G stock ahead the festive season, following increased frustration from cellular users across the country unable to get their hands on the device nearly two months post launch. the rest is here...
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    iPhone 4 - Stock Availability - Vodacom

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    iPhone 4 - Stock Availability - Vodacom

    that's just bulls*** !! so the rest of the people must wait inevitably. Vodacom's launch of the iPhone 4 is the biggest FAIL of the year + they are still advertising a product of which they don't have any stock - USELESS!!!!
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    iPhone 4 - Stock Availability - Vodacom

    WHEN ARE S.A GOING TO GET STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????
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    iPhone 4 - Stock Availability - Vodacom

    Vodacom suck balls! They are so f ing incompetent it's scary. why the f do they advertise the bloody iphone 4 on their website if there aren't any?? MASSIVE FAIL for the iPhone 4 in S.A. There are a lot of people considering other phones because of this - my 3G is now 2 years old and i...
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    Vodacom Cancels iPhone4 Deal R379 - What now??

    this whole debacle around the iphone 4, contracts & stock is getting ridiculous. after 2 years paying for my iphone 3G (and absolutely loving the device) i am considering getting something else, which i don't actually want to do. i can't believe it's such a f ing mission to get the bloody thing...
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    iphone 4-stock list., has new iPhone 4 stock arrived in S.A as promised? I'm upgrading in 2 weeks!
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    iTunes not working properly

    I keep on getting the "9006" connection timed-out error. This is a after 4 failed attempts to try and update my iPhone 3G to version 4.1. When checking my connection it is still connected? WTF? All my Firewalls & Antivirus programs have been switched off. Does the iStore provide a service...
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    iPhone 4 "Glassgate" issue Any similar experience in S.A so far???
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    A few Iphone 4 questions

    Thanks for clearing that up!
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    iphone 4-stock list.

    Dion Wired @ The Grove Mall, Pretoria : 1 x 16GB model
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    A few Iphone 4 questions

    ...maybe this is a stupid question, but here goes. when your data bundle is depleted on your iPhone, can't you top-up the data bundle? (buy data bundle through internet banking?)
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    iphone 4-stock list.

    Dion Wired @ Centurion Lifestyle - NO STOCK. Standard reply : "maybe next week, we don't know."