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    Telkom / Openserve / Night Surfer Missing

    Has anyone else noticed that the Night Surfer traffic on the Telkom customer portal has disappeared? I'm on a Telkom uncapped fibre service, but due to FUP I make sure to schedule major downloads during the Night Surfer window - but since the 3rd of August, the traffic graphs don't show any...
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    Samsung Galaxy S20 pre-order

    About to pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S20 - based on previous experiences, can anyone advise who to go to for this or more specifically, who to avoid (so as not to be disappointed on launch day). Does anyone know who/where to go for earliest deliveries? Normally, my default is Incredible...
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    2x Comic Con Tickets for Saturday

    Looking for 2x tickets for Saturday at Comic Con... anyone have spares or no longer going?
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    Microsoft server software

    I'm urgently looking for EOL or older (cheaper) Microsoft server software. If you happen to have any of these lying around or you know that perhaps your company/employer might have these and upgraded or for whatever reason isn't using them anymore, please could you let me know! Microsoft...