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    iPhone stolen and still on, can I track it?

    My iphone has been stolen last night, the guy then threw it in a field whilst i was chasing him, i called the phone and its been on since last night, i only have it a couples of months and didnt setup any tracking apps, i looked all night in the field but cant hear it or see its light!!! its...
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    CellC Data charges?

    So what does CellC really charge per mb of data, because it eats data in normal browsing on my smartphone! I used about R10 for 5minutes, I dont convert my airtime to data, cause its the same thing or should I?
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    Remove Skin Tan fast

    Hi all :) Im new here. I have been surfing too much and got a bad tan this weekend. I say bad because I am naturally a caramel skin tone and now I am seriously dark and only my face neck hands and feet because of the wet suit, this looks horrible Please some advice on how to get my...