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    Stack overflow survey 2017

    Makes interesting reading:
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    Fun Coursera class - discrete optimization

    I thought others might be interested. I have just started this Coursera class on discrete optimization: and it is a lot of fun. Very well presented. Come join to learn some crazy techniques to make programs work out hard problems much faster. :p...
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    AWS hack-day/workshop ahead of Rubyfuza conference in CPT - 1 Feb

    Thought this would interest some of the Cape Town developers. There is an AWS workshop in CPT on 1 Feb: Since it is hosted by Amazon, it should also be possible to chat to some of the Amazon Cape Town people mentioned in these threads...
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    Amazon Web Services Information event in JHB - 17 October

    I thought some of you might be interested in this event about Amazon Cloud Computing:
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    Kruger Park app

    The Kruger National Park is such a lovely place to visit. My wife had an idea for an app to share animal sightings in the Kruger Park, based on the maps that are up at most of the camps, so I wrote something for the fun: Sadly...