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  1. Moeras_aap

    Upcoming Games

    Cautiously optimistic about star wars Looking forward to cyberpunk. SJW bloodlines is going to flop (I hope to be proved wrong tho!) Cant get excited about Bethesda games because there is no new information or release dates But i am probably the most excited about Phoenix point due to my Genre...
  2. Moeras_aap

    How BioWare's Anthem Went Wrong (?)

    My problem with I have with anthem and most other AAA titles is: They all feel uninspired. Both in story (or world it exists in) and in game play mechanics. It was quite a galling feeling for me to be excited because my new game is installing and getting tired of it at the same time just by...
  3. Moeras_aap

    Satisfactory - FPS open-world factory building sim

    I am also eyeing Satisfactory. However, Since satisfactory has less content than factorio I dont know if its going to scratch my industrial itch as well as factorio did, (despite being 3d and pretty)