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    Anyone Using ZorinOS

    Hey Guys after switching to Linux mint when Unity was launched and irritated the hell out of me that is the only distro I have been using at home and work. However Mint was also starting to irritate me with always doing weird things on my notebook. So I tried ZorinOS (after recommendation from...
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    So my iPad2 is Jail broken App searching

    So I did the jail break on my iPad 2 today... why you may ask? Because I wanted to know what the fuss was about and because I can. So anybody else done theirs yet and have you found anything cool that makes using the ipad better? I am still playing around but noticed the one thing I need...
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    3 hours then nothing!

    Is anybody else having 3 hours of decent speed (Neotel Lite unlimited) and then a sudden drop off in down and upload speed, this stays erratic for hours and then suddenly all is well again? No pattern noticed in terms of time of day when the speed drops. I have also noticed that if I am...