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    Big Giveaway - Enter now

    Secure networks for you means secure services and products for your customers.
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    Which movie will you rent for R1? Tell us and win R1,000 cash.

    Star Wars. Haven't seen the movies, except Episode 1. Time to binge the lot!
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    Do you think the government should allow the sale of alcohol during the lockdown?

    Partial lift - soft restriction, limiting volume / no off units sold
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    How do you spend your time during the lockdown?

    Streaming movies and TV series Watching linear TV Cooking Gardening Spending time with the family DIY Exercising Other (Working) Watching (streaming) classical sporting events Streaming vintage movies and TV series on YouTube Watch webinars on various topics Online training courses
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    Which TV series have you watched since the lockdown started?

    Sherlock Holmes (1930's & 1940's on YouTube) Columbo (5 episodes, on YouTube) Matlock (on YouTube) F1 eSports F1 flash backs
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    Win a Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 router - Enter now

    Pro Gaming WiFi Router uses state-of-the-art software to optimize your internet connection by stabilizing ping, reducing lag spikes, and keeping you in the game with reliable wired and wireless connectivity for fast-paced gaming.
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    Have you been to Home Affairs recently?

    Yes. 2 months ago, went early, 8am, no queues. They were still a bit slow. Was assisted with the forms, they processed it quite quickley and off we went. Collection was the same: went early, in and out in 30mins. Applied for passorts thru the bank 2 months ago. No appointments available for...
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    Are you a DStv subscriber?

    The Sport, and it keeps the wife from hurting me LOL
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Giveaway - Win Free Fibre worth over R25,000

    Location: Faerie Glen Fibre Provider: Openserve Package: 100Mbps Uncapped
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    Human error is involved in 95% of all security breaches.
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    New Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    Veeam Backup Essentials 9.5
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Echo Smart Home Speaker with Alexa

    Reliable connections across mobile and voice systems