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    C# and SQL Developer in Wadeville, Germiston

    C# and SQL Developer in Wadeville, Germiston Institution • FMCG manufacturer Location • Wadeville, Germiston Position • Software Developer Responsibilities • Technical support to users of in-house process information systems • Maintenance and configuration of software systems •...
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    Telkom leased line between JHB and CPT down

    Our corporate link between our JHB and CPT offices are down apparently due to Neotel digging up Telkom's cable somewhere by accident. Anyone else having problems today (4 Mar 2010) on leased lines?
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    Tracmax tyres

    Supaquick wants to sell me 225/40 R18's for R900, but its a brand called Tracmax, which Google says is made by Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group Co., Ltd. Does anyone have experience with this tyre brand because it seems to me unnaturally cheap and I don't wanna write off my car buying crap...