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    MTN airtime expiry if buying airtime of R25 or less

    I wonder how many others know that MTN airtime expires in 21 days if one buys an amount of R25 or less. It even appears to expire if one tops up airtime before the expiry date. This seems to make it even more unfair for those who cannot afford to buy more than R25 at a time. This was discussed...
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    cell c LTE versus cell c fixed LTE

    Hi. Is there anyone who can enlighten me on the technical difference between prepaid cell c LTE and cell c fixed LTE. I have had a prepaid cell c sim in a router with roaming turned OFF at a fixed location and using uptime robot have had 100% uptime for over 2 weeks at least. It appears to be...
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    Afrigreen accounts cancelled suddenly without warning

    Have any other users who have been using afrigreen username on their adsl have their accounts cancelled and adsl routers become non functional in the last 24 hours. I received no warning this was going to happen and specifically asked this question to their support about a month ago when I...
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    MTN sms roaming deactivation issue

    Just returned from overseas. Activated MTN sms roaming before leaving and deactivated on return. Checked sms roaming status using ussd and says inactivated. Am able to receive calls and sms and data works but unable to make calls. This is occurring on three sim cards all handled in the same...
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    A Reflection from G-South Africa

    I hope someone from mybroadband was at this event I do not remember seeing something written about it here ? Would have been great to have some of this event streamed ?