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    Any IT Contractors out there?

    So what I want to find out from you guys who are contractors are how you handle tax? Are you registered as a provisional tax payer or did you go the Pty route? Are there any significant benefits of choosing the one over the other perhaps? Don’t want this to flow into pros and cons of permanent...
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    OCZ Vector SSD - Warranty Void

    I need some advice on a warranty void on my SSD. I bought the SSD in November 2013, plugged it into my PC, all is well. Almost 1 year later to the date I switch on the PC one morning, SSD not found (OS Drive). So I do the normal checks, process of elimination and come to the conclusion the...
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    Telkom Grid switched off - CPT, Northern Suburbs

    Got the following email from an ISP I'm hosting with: Anyone that can backup the claim or having problems in the Northern Suburbs?
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    Golf Connection

    Hi guys, Anyone out there using/used Golf Connection for their golf membership. Any feedback on good/bad experiences and pros/cons of doing it this way. Thanks
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    Telkom Rep for ADSL

    Hi Guys, Is there a Telkom Rep on the Forums? I want to find out if my exchange is full as I am considering ADSL. Last time I applied there was no space.(Will this cause problems regarding congestion?) Is there maybe another way of getting this info apart from calling/visiting a Telkom store?
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    New Telkom line + ADSL - Durbanville Area

    Hi Guys, Moved into a new place a while ago and I am busy getting the ADSL sorted out. Just wanted to know if anyone have recently installed a new line in the area (actually Sonstraal Heights) and how long did it take. According to Telkom Direct it can take anything up to 2 weeks. I just...
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    MTN - iPhone 5 upgrade

    First post for the new year so Happy New Year everyone! :) My wife and I are eligible for upgrade and want to get the iPhone 5. Problem is there is no stock anywhere in CPT and no clear indication on when there will be. Closest to an answer I got from MTN is that maybe there will be a new...
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    Smash and Grab / Window tinting in Cape town, Northern Suburbs

    Hi, Any suggestions on where to fit smash and grab in Cape town, Northern Suburbs and an estimate price for a Polo? Thanks
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    Hi all, I need some wisdom from you guys. I took out a new contract (BB 9800) from MTN Direct Store 13/05/2011. I migrated from a pre-paid MTN SIM card. Contract is active and everything shows active when I log into the MTN Active Website. My problem now is that almost a week later my SIM...
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    Samsung PS50C430 firmware update

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to update the firmware on this TV? I have downloaded the latest firmware from the Samsung site but I am unable to find the option on my TV to update the firmware. Thanks! :)