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    Ubuntu 11.10

    *** RELEASED *** I'm watching the Ubuntu website like a hawk waiting for the 11.10 download link. Can't wait to download and install it! Anyone else as amped up as I am?
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    Hackers take down Water and Power Plant

    Recent security breaches by hackers has got me thinking that essentially, since most automation in processing plants, including those built for generating electricity and water purification and supply, is what i assume, running PLC controllers, some of which may be interconnected to other PLC's...
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    I can issue fake Windows updates;mlt_related
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    Twitter Reaches 100 Million Active Users
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    HTC sues Apple after Google sells tech patents
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    E-Book Pioneer, Micheal Hart Dies (64)
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    Turkish net hijack hits big name websites
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    GlobalSign stops secure certificates after hack claim
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    Info bill step closer to becoming law

    Here we go!
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    Oil slick hits Cape Town shore

    Why wasn't this wreck drained completely? It's obvious that the hull would eventually disintegrate and rust through.
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    Try hack our system (eNatis) challenges Tasima

    See the video Clip here
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    Implimenting PHP, TAPI under Linux

    I require some advise and help, in reference to comunicating with a Samsung 7400 IPPABX from within my web application running on a Linux server. I would like to be able to do "Click2Dial", where a customer or client can enter his telephone number in a web form and the submited form data can be...
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    Telemarketers - How to OPT Out

    Brian Mdluli CEO of the DMA SA (Direct Marketing Association of South Africa) was interviewed on Carte Blanche about Opting Out. Check out the link
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    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS | Brasero Error 2350MiB

    I'm trying to copy a DVD under Ubuntu 10.04 LTS using Brasero, but the operation seem to stall exactly when the temporary image's file size reach 2350MiB. I've tried various DVD's and tried, creating an .ISO, and the exact same thing happens when the .ISO's file size reached 2350MiB. I...
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    Android / Java Developer Required for Urgent Project

    Hi, A friend of mine is in need of an Android and or Java Developer for an urgent project. Please PM me. Thanks
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    Zimbra or MS Exchange

    We're currently running an Exchange 2003 Server for providing e-mail and collaboration services to 60 users, 10 Blackberry's and some Smart-phones via ActiveSync. Our company have grown beyond the 60 CAL's and thus some 40 users are running of an additional Linux mail server. I would like to...
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    Hotz's PayPal account opened to Sony
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    The EXTJS Thread

    I'm building a large RIA application using EXTJS, and would like to dynamically load components (extended classes) from within the main application.js script. The application will eventually run as an Intranet application that will be regularly amended and modified as requests for additional...
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    Questek Transit Technologies

    Anyone using the Wayfarer / QMerit system from QTT.
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    UNDERGROUND - Tales of hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier

    Recently finished reading the electronic version of this book, which made a great read! See: