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    How much packet loss is required for a VPN tunnel to disconnect?

    I am trying to connect my Cisco VPN client, and while the tunnel is being established, the Client Connection terminates. Now when doing a -t ping test to the Public VPN IP, there is about one packet loss in every 5 packets sent. Is that enough to break the tunnel or is there some else wrong with...
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    Install Windows 7 from Bootable USB drive - GPT Partition issue on Windows 8 machine

    Hi All I have made a bootable USB drive on my Windows 7 machine using a Windows 7 x64 ISO file (4.6GB) and Power ISO. I want to install Windows 7 on another partition on my new Windows 8 laptop When I want to boot from the USB drive on my new Windows 8 x64 laptop, it does not pick up the...
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    VPN Issue - Connects(ping) on Win7 but not Win8

    Hi All I have a strange problem at hand. I have 2 PC's, on the SAME IP range and the same network. The one is a Win 7 Pro machine and the other one a Windows 8 Pro machine Both connect to a VPN network using the SAME Cisco VPN Client Now BOTH connect fine to the VPN (status on Cisco...
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    Windows 8 - Telnet issue on VPN

    Good Day I have 2 PC on my LAN - Windows 7 Pro and a Windows 8 Pro. Now the both of them are on the same network as well as on the same VPN network. Both are successfully connected to the VPN network. The issue is: TELNET: When telnetting from the windows 7 PC to all available addresses...
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    VPN - What is a Peering Point

    Hi All What is a Peering Point in a VPN and how do you find/determine it? Thank you
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    VPS - Ubuntu or CentOS

    Hi All I want to rent a VPS from Web Africa - The R99 p/m package. Now it comes with the following: 1GB RAM 1vCPU 10GB Traffic 10GB Disk Space Ubuntu or CentOS Now What I require: Web Server (LAMP) DNS Server Surfing the web with Chrome All should be run concurrently...
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    ADSL, ISDN, DigiNet, Leased Line, MPLS - What is the difference?

    Hi All I am somewhat confused between all the following technologies: ADSL, ISDN, DigiNet, Leased Line, MPLS - What is the difference? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages between them all - And the main uses? Any help would be appreciated.