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  1. EventHorizon

    Anal Fissures

    So I believe I've been suffering from these for about 2 years and the specialist I saw only recommened a change of diet and or surgery. I did some research and I see there are easier options that dont require surgery which I want to try first. This is a nice article explaining the treatments...
  2. EventHorizon

    Why is our infection rate so low all of a sudden??

    So if you look at the graph of covid new infections per day in south africa... we reached a peak around mid July. We were having around +14 000 infections a day. Then around the 29th of July... the graph stats to exponentially decrease, basically going all the way down to like 2000 infections...
  3. EventHorizon

    How should I go about finding an internship as a computer science student?

    Im currently 2nd year computer science, im getting majors in Mathematics and Applied statistics as well. I wanted to know how I should go about looking for an internship, i heard it helps alot when looking for jobs and also I would like some experience. Whenever I look for internships though...
  4. EventHorizon

    Advice for computer science student? :(

    My degree is almost over so I'm not sure what to do after. Should I stay in South Africa and look for work or try look abroad? How would I go about doing this?