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    MultiChoice gets creamed in South Africa, but posts higher profits thanks to ads

    I enjoy far better services worldwide than what Multichoice offers
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    DStv's plan to be the one-stop video entertainment shop for South Africa

    I have long dumped DSTv, howver still to convince my partner to join in with the times so that we can even unmount the dish outside.
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    Makro gunning for top ecommerce spot in South Africa

    Makro is okay and I think it will do a fine job. But...But their delivery sucks!!! I have solid experience here.
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    SuperSport channels free for all DStv customers next weekend

    We read that when the Titanic was sinking there were officers who still believed that it was not sinking. Dstv is losing Premium customers and like the Titanic they still believe they can save this expensive behemoth. DSTV as fibre is being expanded in the country, so do you loose customers...
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    Rain warns customers of security incident

    I bolted so far away from Rain a couple years ago. Terrible network speed. When are they closing down?
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    New household tax proposed for funding the SABC

    Imbecility of epic proportion.
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    DStv subscribers could be made to pay TV licence fees

    Good gracious me!!! When will this crumbling behemoth (SABC) relaise that "Titanic is sinking" Still after TV licenses in times when we going to "settle in Mars" They need to change their business model.
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    BritBox in South Africa - What to expect

    Wait till Hulu make its presence officially here. It will drag the carcass of DSTV to the graveside.
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    Expert says DStv is too expensive

    A subscription for me of $12 (R175) on IPTV and R170 of Netflix affords me so much quality DSTV doesn,t compare.
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    We will double our customers and take on Netflix through local content – MultiChoice CEO

    We all have dreams. Mawela,s one are just preposterous. With so much exciting content out there why would I bother with crap on Dstv.
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    DStv to launch new channel next month

    I still maintain it - had it not been of my dear loving wife, I would have take my hammer and rid my wall off DStv.
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    DStv price increases across the board

    ...I have topped up all that with Hulu and still is less than the premium (Repeats) of Dstv. Insanevalue for money on what I can stream. Had it not been of my wife and her Mzanzi stuff I could taken my saw and got rid of that dish from house forever.
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    These new shows are headed to DStv and Showmax in 2021

    The only reason why I haven't as yet cut this crappy chord is because of my wife watching all this Mzansi shows. I derive so much value out there on other platforms.
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    DStv launches Amazon Prime Video on Explora Ultra decoder

    No, I will pass on this nonsense. I want stream free of conglomerate rubbish.
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    These are the discounts you can get when you trade in your old DStv decoder

    Hardware? We just steam these days. No need for old crappy hard ware to carry around.
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    Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams tasked with cutting mobile data prices in half

    This is just a nice to have PA. It signifies nothing in the end.
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    DStv without a dish - How it stacks up to Netflix

    My IP address wont be used to stream DSTV. I have always not bothered to link it with dstv. I enjoy plenty of websites and apps out there with better quality.
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    DStv standalone streaming launched in South Africa

    Who in the world will pay that kind of money for premium? Are they mad. I get better value world wild and nowhere do I pay that kind bucks for repeats "nogal". Keep it Dstv. You trying but its no working.
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    Google People Cards now available in South Africa

    The Chinese and Google will know how my teeth look like!!