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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Just got an SMS saying their call centres are affected by the Telkom outage.
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    Fibre network quality fight in Gauteng

    I'd rather pay the extra for Vumatel, as I'm now paying for SLOW ADSL backup, in the event that TT Connect doesn't work.
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    Fibre network quality fight in Gauteng

    The problem with fibre is, you RARELY get a choice of providers. Most providers will only enter an area, if there is no other fibre there already, so you end up with 1 Fibre provider with (depending on the fibre provider) a choice of ISPs. I've got 3 other fibre providers active / rolling out...
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    It took the SA Post Office 81 days to deliver a letter, which should take only 3 days

    Ordered a Jersey for my daughter from AliExpress 2018/06/01. Arrived at Customs - 2018/06/12. "Cleared Customs" - late August. Still waiting for delivery, and cannot track it locally since it cleared Customs.
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    Fredd down

    Just wondering if any other Fredd customer has been down since yesterday? The fact that I can’t even call their call centre (call failed according to my phone), is super awesome. Anyone know any other contact numbers for them?