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    COVID-19 - Western Cape versus Gauteng

    So who all is moving to level 3 this week ?
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    Best Web Hosting

    Wow, lol didnt check the date, my bad.
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    Best Web Hosting

    You should look at giving gphosting a try. They have very good support and service. I just thought I would share my 50c.
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    Big Giveaway - Enter now

    Mitigating Unquantifiable Risk The Hosted Collaboration Solution uses the Corporate networks are a very attractive target and so, they must be routinely searched for possibilities of risk. The real threats lie with well-organised criminal networks attempting to steal data which they can sell...
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    Bussiness grade email hosting South Africa.

    My business uses gp hosting for its mail hosting. I've never had issues since moving to them.
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    .Net Core 2.2 Hosting

    I've written a .net core v3 web application and hosting it at gphosting
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    Afrihost deleted my clients website

    Try, all my sites are still running and not deleted :p
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    What Hosting company to choose?

    The company i work for uses for everything. Company email, VPS's . Support is really awesome.
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    Absurd cPanel license price increase

    What about Plesk. Anyone have any experience using Plesk ?
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    Help with Linux install

    have you tried installing Pop OS,
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    i Want to do programming courses in cape town city FTW.
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    Best wordpress hosting provider?!

    If you are looking for proper WordPress hosting checkout GP Hosting. These guys are awesome at what they do, awesome support as well. I'm currently using there linux package to run a basic WordPress site and email. I had a few issues in the beginning, but that was down to me not understanding...
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    Afrihost - Seriously.

    wow Afrijoke just wow
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    Current best Reseller Hosts in SA

    Dude, get in contact with gphosting, check out there reseller packages, you wont go wrong.
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    Hmail Server Help Needed

    Have you tried using mailenable (free version) and taking our a subscription to magicspam, or why not get a reseller account with gphosting and they can manage the spam. On the reseller account, you can manage all your domains (clients) and they will manage the spam filter. That is how the...
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    AWS 15% VAT charges from April 01

    This ain't no April Fools Joke lol.
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    Battlefield V Infinite loading screen | PS4

    still same issue .... sigh :(
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    Recommendations for Wordpress hosting provider please?

    Hi, our company uses to host our site. so far no issue (touch wood). We've been with them for just over 3 months. Just my 2c.
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    Email issues... COMODO RSA not trusted

    I think this has to do with google's mail servers. I've checked with 3 of my clients now and all of them are blacklisted. Mainly on and I'm hoping to get some feedback