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    Dstv for R599 pm

    Hi guys. Can you please check if this is possible and or legal
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    MXQ 4k Ultra hd android box

    Hi All. I bought a MXQ 4k Ultra HD. Want to load DSTV now app but the playstore not picking in up. Any suggestions?
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    Wordpress Help Please!?

    Im getting code on some of my pages: Warning: Illegal string offset 'gpsLatitude' in /home/websitename/public_html/wp-content/themes/directory/functions/directory.php on line 173 And Warning: Illegal string offset 'field' in /home/websitename/public_html/wp-content/themes/directory/header.php...
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    Hi Smart people. Okay my friend needs 24 credits to get to 120 credits. He did a course in sales management, can he do a course in marketing management (24 credits) to get to his 120 credits and if so will he receive a diploma (and what diploma) we recon a business diploma? Studies thru Unisa...
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    What ADSL Line speed do I need?

    Good day Sorry i am new to this please help. I am in George, I have a Telkom telephone installed (the R189 pm one) I want to do live streaming (sport) from my PC (Connect via HDMI cable to tv) and/or have 4 devices wi-fi. and what router should work perfectly? what line speed should go...