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    Unthrottled fibre

    Hi everyone. Openserve has after a struggle for 2 years, started installing fibre in our estate. I'm really disappointed that it had to be openserve but I don't have a say about that. It unfortunately is what it is. What pisses me off is that pretty much every isp has bandwidth throttling via...
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    Selling internet

    Hi all. Recently I got permission from my isp to share my internet to neighbours and splitting the cost. My only barrier is ICASA and their insane pricing for licenses. I get the need for spectrum licenses but why to offer internet? It's an investment of time and money you make on your own. To...
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    Experience with Home-Connect

    Hi. Is there anyone on Home Connect as their ISP.. Is the internet holding up? Im mostly concerned about internet speeds at peek times.. And overall would you recommend them?
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    This Home Router takes the cake!

    Bought this guy 2 days ago for some more advanced things.. But by advanced I didn't mean this!
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    Home network

    Hi so.. we moved from 10mbps adsl to 100mbps wirless internet. (down and up) we are a family of 4 people and our house is fairly average sized. Currently standing.. We only have a single ethernet cable going into our adsl router now being used as an AP from our wireless internet dish. The...
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    We have just received the news that openserve will be installing our fibre in the complex within 2 weeks.. I'm pretty disappointed that openserve will be our provider considering they are owned by Telkom... With that being said... Everyone with openserve.. How is your experience so far? Im...
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    Sharing internet with neighbour

    Hi. I am thinking about sharing my soon to come 200mbps fibre with neighbours. It was just an idea that popped into my head. I have read through the ISP's Terms and conditions over 3 times and couldn't find anything which says sharing your internet is not allowed. If it is possible i want to...