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    B40 2300mhz not LTE-A

    For 2 days now, my 2300 (B40) band is not picking up any LTE-A/LTE+ towers like it has done forever. I only get connected to LTE-A/LTE+ when I use the 1800 (B3) band. Even if I'm on an LTE+ tower using B3, as soon as I aggregate with/change to B40 (2300) it drops to LTE. Any ideas? It happened...
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    is telkom having issues right now?

    I live in Hillcrest (Durban area) and to me it looks like the issue is with the B40 (2300mhz) band
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    Test your broadband speed - win R5,000 cash

    I think the Android app needs some work because I get very different speeds when running the test online (Chrome on my Phone: Samsung S21)
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    Test your broadband speed - win R5,000 cash

    Telkom LTE-A 1TB Package
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    Big Netflix Giveaway - Enter Now

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    Big Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Kindle, Branded Gear, and a Mystery Gadget

    It’s not an iPhone X so you can actually see everything on the screen including the little rectangular bit at the top