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    FS : Amazon FireStick 4k x2

    For Sale/ Item name (be very descriptive): Amazon Firestick 4k x 2 Age and condition: 4 months - Both units are brand new, in original packaging Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes - bought in the US Reason for selling: 2 Sticks given as a gift. Brand new and happy with my Apple TV for...
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    Brenthurst Wealth Management

    Hey everyone Has anyone here had experiences good or bad with Brenthurst ? Been looking around for a independent financial manager and came across them
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    FS : Gelmar Kitchen Leg - Matte

    Item name (be very descriptive): Gelmar Kitchen Leg Matte x 5. Height 60x870 Age and condition: 4 weeks Do you include packaging: Yes - Plastic around each leg Warranty: No Reason for selling: Bought them for a study desk but legs are slightly higher than needed Price: R92 at Gelmar. Selling for...
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    Portfolio type app

    Hi guys. Can anyone suggest a portfolio type app that I can try ? Currently using Cryptocompare but want to use something else. Main thing is that I, for example, purchase ETH at different times so need to track its value - both + and -. Getting notifications when crypto hit highs would also be...
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    Ledger nano s

    Heads up - Ledger Nano S is $50 at NewEgg...
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    Accomp Systems

    Anyone have opinions or reviews of Accomp Systems in Cresta ? They have a laptop docking station that other places will have to bring from the US, so looking at a 4-6 week lead time
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    [S] Study Desk

    Item: Oregon Stain Desk - Same as this one Age: 4 years Condition: Excellent - Well looked after. Always used with a cloth over the top Packaging: Long gone Warranty: Not a chance Price: R600 Negotiable: Yes. PM me. Reason for selling: Looking to build a custom desk once this is sold and I have...
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    [S] - misc stuff and spares

    - Please advise me if the formatting is wrong on this and I'll edit- - Prices based on ads I've seen locally. Will to be a bit flexible on some stuff- 1 - Item: Turnigy TGY i6 Transmitter only Age: 2 years Price: R300 Warranty: Nope Packaging: Nope Condition: Used a few hours only. Location...