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    Apple HotSpot

    Hi Peeps I'm having no luck using my Apple products Personal hotspot function... I have a iPhone xs Max, iPhone 6s plus, iPad air 2 and Samsung S8+. (all up to date) I use the iPhone 6 as Hotspot (Data plan - appoved hotspot confirmed from carrier Vodascum - 20 gig data PM and 600 minutes)...
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    Vodacom: am I going Crazy?!

    My Friend... Vodacom the past several months (even before severe load shedding ) has be unbearable!! - Drop calls - little to no throughput on data (Instagram, whatsapp, Tinder, Windy TV, Garmin Connect - List goes on, all slow and struggles to load ) - hideous call quality - USSD timeout -...
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    Vodacom is losing grip?

    Hi fellow humans, quick question - Vodacom is transforming in a rubbish company (I'm on Vodacom Business)?? Data speeds 4G/ 3G (Stellenbosch to kleinmond - mostly full bars) -+ 4Mpbs IF I can pull data - feels like most of the time I'm struggling to consume 1Gig of data on my phone and ipad...
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    Choosing a new mobile provider - Business

    Hi Fellow Humans, I would like to ask some advise - as I'm second guess myself (even after some reading and testing myself) I have come to the end of my business contracts (2x lines) and need to upgrade / move to new provider - want to cancel one line to use as personal. I work for Medical...