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    Xenophobic attacks flared up in Durban [2019]

    Here we go AGAIN....
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    Changing Employers, Withdraw Provident Fund or Transfer to New Employer?

    As the title suggests, should I withdraw 100% and throw it into a fund, or just transfer to new employer's fund?
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    Vodacom Contract Expired. Let it run month-to-month?

    As the title suggests. My contract with Vodacom expired in Aug 2018, and I've pretty much let it run month-to-month. The iphone I'm using now is one I bought cash because after my contract expired I didn't want another 2 years of exorbitant bills. Is there any benefit (e.g costs of phone...
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    Discovery Car Insurance

    I'm considering moving from my current insurer (Kingprice) to Discovery but I've got a few questions: 1. Is the installation of their DQ Tracker compulsory? I have Beaeme installed currently. 2. Will the premium be linked to how I drive? 3. What are you experiences with Discovery? I really...
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    Infringement Notice Cancelled - PAIA

    So I just got stopped at a big roadblock and the officer took my license to their van for a print-out of all my traffic fines. She came back with 7 tickets, 6 of which are "cancelled". Why would they be cancelled? Anyways, that leaves me with an astronomical fee of....wait for it.....R125...
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    [WATCH] University of Limpopo students walk out of ‘hard’ Philosophy exam

    Videos here:
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    Britain warns of possible terrorist attacks in South Africa
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    Best driving techniques/tips/advice

    I thought I'd create a thread were people could share advice/tips etc. from personal experience or scientific study or whatever. Firstly quoting Voicy: What else should we know that we don't all already know? Don't restrict your response to mechanical advice only.