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    Invest Overseas or in South Africa

    What to do ?? Here or overseas Is South Africa going to offer enough return on investment?? And is it stable enough to produce the growth we need ?? Or is it easier just to simply place our money in Global Investments
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    Multi Wealth 2018 Invest and Funeral Cover Competition R5000

    COMPETITION 5000 There are 2 Competitions to win for: Win R5000 in the 100% Cash Back Funeral Cover Competition Be the first to Refer 10 Concluded Funeral Cover Sales by the end of Aug 2018 and win the R5000 Just simply go to and follow the prompt to Enter Win...
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    How to lose your Insurance Investment Money

    We all probably have taken a Investment Policy with an Insurance Company. Whether it is a Education Policy, Retirement Annuity, Tax Free Savings or Unit Trust or Endowment. All the same we took it in good faith with the idea as expressed to make at least 10% return as the Salesman implied...