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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread

    You can't keep doing that. Your cheat days will outdo your diet days (credit: @Eedubz). Find something you can live with and start counting calories then.
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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread - Workout Check-in Thread

    I’ve just been making up for a lifetime of not dancing. It feels wrong to log it somehow. I’ll buy a new rope tomorrow. O ja, my kak is geboek. Comrades 2021. Double Comrades (as in set off the night before from the other end) 2022. Gentlemen’s wager.
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    Funny/Weird/Interesting Number Plates

    Weirdly I dreamt I met Jerry Seinfeld at a party last night. We spoke about cars and the Cullinan, he wasn't a fan.
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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread - Workout Check-in Thread

    I smoked a whole pack of cigarettes this weekend (first time in years), and I can't find my rope so double withdrawal for me. Day 3 cigarette free lol. It doesn't matter how many times you fall as long as you keep standing up again.
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    What book are you reading at the moment ? Brilliant, secular, evidence-based look at nihilism and procrastination. Here's something I didn't know I shared with Newton (overshare as always): I remembered something while I was jumping rope the other day. The last day...
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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread

    I was still hungover yesterday. 71,1 kg today. It's interesting to see the effect alcohol has on my heart rate and stress levels, but it's time to get back to normal now.
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    Is Chuck ok ?

    It had been going for a few months already. I found it when I hit the dreaded 3 gig cap for the first time. I don’t post all that much but there’s always something interesting to read around here.
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    Is Chuck ok ?

    Nah dude, Chuck’s cool. He’ll bounce back eventually.
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    What are you doing this weekend?

    Party at my place tomorrow. Two 40th birthdays (me and my wife -- my mom wound up in hospital on my birthday), and a 21st. I've actually been training for it by building alcohol tolerance and dancing in front of a mirror lol. Around 40 people confirmed. Luckily I live on a small farm in the...
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    Would-be rapist needed surgery after Free State doctor bit his tongue

    I suppose you've never been to Pelonomi.
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    Youtube must see vids part 2

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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread

    71,9 kg today. I’ll try to get closer to 70 next week but I’m pretty comfortable at this weight.
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    Jokes about various religions

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    Bitcoin’s rally masks uncomfortable fact: almost nobody uses it

    People don't want this to happen to them: I personally bought some Salvia for 0.1 BTC a few years ago.
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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread - Workout Check-in Thread

    Drunk workout. I figured I’d end up dancing anyway so might as well strap up. On Saturday I danced in the streets with a bunch of mechanics at General Masi’s wife’s birthday party. My calves still haven’t recovered. The things we train for lol.
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    Aviation Fixed Wing Headsets For Sale

    That sucks. Good luck with the sale.
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    Aviation Fixed Wing Headsets For Sale

    You might have more response on