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    SA entrepreneurs sell R22 000 business to global giants for huge dollar figure

    JOHANNESBURG - A small team of Cape Town entrepreneurs who invested R22 000 in 2006 to start up a fledgling business recently saw a phenomenal return on their founding capital when they sold their business to US based organisation Ecolab - a major global provider of technologies and services to...
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    [Opinion] Turn yourself in to the Zondo commission and come clean, Mr President

    ... Twenty-one years ago your party announced, without shame, its intention to capture the state by deploying loyal ANC cadres to key non-political positions spanning everything from the military and intelligence to the judiciary and state-owned companies. If we're looking for the genesis of...
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    Telkom free wifi.

    Hello everyone. I am new here. I am member of some dozen or so other tech forums but this one forum might be able to help me with Telkom: In South Africa, if one has an ADSL account from Telkom does that qualify him to use telkom's wifi network too? And if yes, how?