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    Share the land or risk losing it all, Malema warns white South Africans

    Share the land or risk losing it all, Malema warns white South Africans Malema said that the only way the country would progress harmoniously was if equality was achieved. He then accused white South Africans of protecting their privilege. With the economy one of the key issues ahead of the...
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    Has Maimane failed to lead the DA?

    The DA has more black supporters than ever before, but the party did not do enough over the past five years to change the negative perceptions about being a white party run by a black leader, writes Adriaan Basson. This should have been the DA's 30% election. The official opposition has grown...
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    Rain portable MiFi router - What are the specs?

    RAIN advertises this portable MiFi Router. Does anyone know what brand this is, and if it's any good? I can't find any info and google reverse image search reveals nothing.
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    Push to ditch colonial-era names in all public spaces across SA

    Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa says the ANC-led government will push to ensure that all public spaces named after colonial and apartheid masterminds, including towns, are changed if reconciliation is to be achieved in the country. On Sunday, the governing party presented its manifesto...
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    Khoisan 'King' Cornelius applies to W/Cape High Court to cancel May elections

    Self-styled King of the Khoisan (dressed in Spur seat covering material) has once again attempted to assert his sovereignty and rule over the SA government in the areas he believes are his land by applying to the Western Cape High Court in Cape Town to stop the National elections on the 8th of...
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    UFS student cleaning up after EFF protesters has social media users divided

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    Karl Marx's grave defaced for second time in one month

    Source: Image source: De Spiegel (Germany) Image source: BCC News
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    'Race a proxy for disadvantage' - Maimane

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    EFF's red overalls and red berets plagerized from Venezuelan Marxist Party?

    It looks like the EFF's red overalls and red berets aren't that original when it comes to Marxist parties. Venezuelan's tin pot dictator Nicolas Maduro and Melema sem to be two peas in a pod. I hope Malema is taking notes on the 'success' of Marxism in his hero's failed country (Venezuela)
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    SA support for Zim limited by what it can afford

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    BMF to meet Denel over white CEO, before considering legal action

    BMF to meet Denel over white CEO, before considering legal action The Black Management Forum will first meet with state-owned arms manufacturer Denel before considering legal action over its concerns that a white male, Daniel du Toit, was recently appointed group CEO. "Through our lawyers, we...
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    SIM still not connected after 24 hours of delivery

    I ordered my RAIN service on the 7th. Yesterday the SIM was delivered by RAM couriers. Firstly they would not accept my certified Lease Agreement which was signed on the 1st of the month. A lease agreement may be used for FICA purposes, yet Rain insists it's not acceptable. (They do not state...
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    Timed wireless switching??

    Not sure where to post this query. If in the wrong sub-forum, apologies in advance. I have a RAIN SIM and a Telkom Mobile SIM. I have two routers. One with each SIM. Is there piece of windows software which can be used to automatically switch between the rounters without any manual switching...