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    Antec Kuhler H2O H1200 Pro AIO Liquid CPU Cooler [Unavailabe]

    Age: 4 months Price: R700 Warranty: Yes Packaging: Original Condition: Perfect Location: Durban Reason: No AM4 bracket for my ryzen 1600 :mad: Shipping: Yes on buyer Collection: Yes Link: Wootware
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Red 8GB 2400mhz and Ledger nano S

    Item:Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Red 8GB 2400mhz Age:Not sure Price:R700 R600 Warranty:Nope Packaging:Will package well Condition:Good Location:Durban Reason:Upgraded Shipping:Yes on you Collection:Yes Link:Evetech Wootware Item: Ledger Nano S Age: A few months (Hasn't been used) Price: R900...
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    CPU + Mobo (SOLD)

    Combo Price: R1800 R1600 Item:AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Price: R800 Warranty: None Packaging: Original Amd cpu box Condition: Very good Location: Durban Reason: Upgraded Shipping: Yes, on you Collection: Yes Link...
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    SOLD! Mobo + CPU

    Item: Intel G3930 CPU + cpu cooler Gigabyte H110 D3A no io shield Age:1 year Price: R850 for bundle Warranty: yes 1 year remaining Packaging: will wrap properly Condition: Good Location: Durban Reason: Came with bundle Shipping: yes on buyer Collection:more than welcome Link: Mobo cpu
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    Various items (Routers + RAM + other)[ALL SOLD]

    Upgraded quite a few items in my setup, so selling all additional stuff. All Items have been tested and are working. (Shipping price not included for bundles) I'll add some pictures asap. Bundle : All items left R3200 R700 Item: TP-Link Archer D7, AC1750 Age: Not sure Price: R1000 R900 R800...
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    Apply to renew passport online

    Attempted to renew my passport at home affairs last couple of weeks but the queues are crazy, has anyone applied online,paid for it and received it (at a bank branch) via the portal? Seriously considering driving from dbn to jhb to get it done at a bank branch.
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    Has anyone bought from

    Is it legit ? Has anyone bought from ? What has been your experience ?
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    Investment Advice and options

    Hi awesome mybb users I would like to invest in some of nasdaq top 100. How do I go about doing this ? Do I have to use a broker ? if so which broker would you go with/had good experience with ?
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    MTN black Friday deal 2017

    Hi all, I signed up for the 30gb MTN black Friday deal, 20gb anytime and 10 GB night time. It got activated 2 days ago however my current balance shows this: Data: 4.63gb on the *141# USSD code On the *141*1# code here's the data details: Recurring:1.63gb Once off data promo:3gb...
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    Rain LTE Sim Card APN settings for CellPhone

    Hi all, I got the the Afrihost Rain LTE deal and received the Huawei B618 router and Rain LTE sim card, It works perfectly in the router and I'm getting really good speeds however in my phone it does not work. I have a Xiaomi note 4 Global version which supports Rain LTE bands however It does...