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    PlayStation 4 vr

    I am finally decided on getting one, will be going during my lunch break to purchase. Any advice or thoughts from guys who have it. I have watched many reviews and now that the price has come down a very little " R3999" i think the time is right. This is the one I will be getting, I am aware...
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    Amazon suffered data breach

    Summary Amazon has suffered a major data breach that caused customer names and email addresses to be disclosed on its website, just days before Black Friday. The e-commerce giant said it has emailed affected customers but refused to give any more details on how many people were affected or...
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    Spotify passwords added to pastebin

    Please change your spotify account password asap
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    Privileged access management compared

    Does anyone here have experience with privileged access management. I am trying to compare 5 providers but cannot see which would one is the best or the best solution for us. The deciding factors is Price Local references Local support etc. The contenders are...