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    These Joburg residents could qualify to have their municipal debts written off

    These Joburg residents could qualify to have their municipal debts written off paid for by tax payers who already pay.
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    Flight Simulator 2019

    Question is, will 16 core's be enough for their shitty code?
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    South African Airways is an "unfixable mess"

    Haha, yes true 26 million affluent Australians versus 5 million in SA. Nice comparison.
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    Vodacom CEO takes big pay cut

    "Hello Scuderia SA? This is Shameel. Please cancel that fourth SF90 I ordered in pink for my niece's aupair."
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    Huawei's HongMeng OS - Everything we know so far

    This whole mess is all thanks to an old orange **** in the USA. To all those people who ask why we get so involved in US politics...this is why. It affects everybody.
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    Flight Simulator 2019

    Yes oh yes. This is amazing news. Hopefully it won't be a port or rehash of FSX code which is really beyond its sell by date. I'm also hoping for real time integration to real world satellite imagery of the entire globe without any add-ons required. It is possible since Microsoft run bing maps.
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    South African Airways is an "unfixable mess"

    Another problem is that South Africa is at the arse end of the planet. It will never be a busy hub. So we fly unprofitable routes to connect to the globe. But I would argue that the fleet is a small part of the problem. 70% of the problem is corruption and waste.
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    Anyone driven the new 2019 Toyota RAV4?

    It also depends, at the coast it should be fine, but up in Gauteng it will be a slow pig.
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    South African Airways is an "unfixable mess"

    Union picketing for the return of the CEO who needs to fire half the staff. Does not compute.
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    Make some extra money by renting out your car

    Outsurance cover (liability, 3rd-party claims and injury up to R5 million) is for other parties, not your vehicle. So you need personal insurance for any damages and that must be business insurance, not personal vehicle cover (which doesn't cover hiring out your car).
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    We buy cars advice needed

    Ask yourself this question: Where do lemons go to market?
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    South Africa has ‘no choice’ but to increase funding for Eskom

    Eskom is arguably the most important SOE. So I say let most of the others die. We don't need an airline or a public broadcaster anymore. We need electricity.
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    The story of R1,000 invested in 1995

    Country wasn't quite as much of a **** up pre-2009. Past performance doesn't tell us anything about what will happen in SA in the next 24 years.
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    Mercedes-Benz GLB

    Nope, boxy weird square shape and the front end is small and out of proportion. Back is nice. Interior nice.
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    Telkom and Vodacom clash over estate fibre networks

    We can't have a free for all. Can you imagine the carnage and damage? Just because there is "air" in a duct means nothing. Cables coil and twist and turn in a pipe and cause friction. You can't jam pack it to 100%. Have you ever tried pulling LAN cables through a 16mm conduit? You should be able...
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    Cell Phone Insurance worth it or not?

    Excess is there to stop you claiming frivolously.
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    2019 BMW 3 Series (G20)

    I've seen a couple on the road. Wait for the entry level models to arrive, then you should see more. Also, I haven't seen any lease deals or GFV deals yet, which is what most broke people use to get these type's of cars.
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    who's your favorite youtuber?

    CruisingTheCut - British journalist sold everything, bought a narrowboat and cruises around the British canals, explaining everything there is to know about canal boats and boating. Very therapeutic and peaceful. HexiBase - German? dude, explaining audio, speakers and speaker boxes very well...
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    Does anybody have experience flipping goods?

    Sale of second hand goods is not eligible for tax. e.g. your car. But if you run a business with it, that is no longer a grey area.
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    2017 VW Tiguan (2nd Generation)

    Does anyone know if you can get the R-line style pack, but with normal suspension instead of sports suspension?