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    OTA-4 Release for Ubuntu Touch Devices

    The UBPorts project has released Ubuntu Touch OTA-4, based on Ubuntu 16.04. The project considers this release to be "the 'official' starting point of the UBports project." Details and upgrade steps at Happy upgrading!
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    Nokia N900 [W]

    Item wanted: Nokia N900 cellular phone, Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: The device must be working. I understand phone is old, so I am not concerned about battery condition. However, I prefer that the SIM card must work, so...
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    Looking for Cell Repair Shop with Z3X or Octoplus for Samsung i9500 Exynos in Gauteng

    I would like your help to locate a cell repair shop with Z3X or Octoplus flashing boxes to rebuild the IMEI on my Galaxy S4 i9500, the Exynos version. I am currently living in Swaziland, but will be in Gauteng sometime soon for a visit. Reinstalling original firmware from Sammobile...
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    Telkom and HTML Injection
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    Standard Bank Root Account for Developers

    Stumbled upon this: "Root is a lightweight bank account designed to be accessible through code. With our API you can build your own interface and control your money programmatically."
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    Telkom 3G - 850MHz Band Only?

    Just checking - can anyone confirm if the information on is correct regarding Telkom's UMTS service. Are they only supporting the 850MHz band? I wanted to port one of my numbers to Telkom (from FNB mobile), but my device does not...
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    Customs and Import Duties for Development Boards, e.g. RPi

    I would like to find out from those who have imported ARM development boards in connection with customs VAT and import duties. For example, what rates have you paid when importing boards such as the Raspberry Pi? I am asking because I am importing the Samsung Exynos 4412-based board on...
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    M$ Golden Key Disclosed - Secure Boot Busted

    Backdoor gone bad:
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    One Good Thing to Come Out of Swaziland

    Bank charges for cash deposits scrapped in Swaziland, Of course I imagine banks will up other charges to make up for this loss of revenue
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    Traffic Register Certificate -> Traffic Fine

    So on Saturday I was given infringement notice for not having with me the original Traffic Register Certificate (seeing that I'm a foreigner here) R1250 fine, or R500 if I go to the JMPD offices and present the documents. For now waiting to see if it will show up on the system, and most...
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    Telkom Unrestricted APN - Questions

    So today I found out that by default we have unrestricted APN (Yes, didn't know this all along). All good, as I sometimes want to access my phone remotely (it runs an SSH server 24/7) which I have already tested successfully. However, I am also wondering if: Having the unrestricted APN...
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    Value of Old Intel E5300 Processor

    I would like to just check what would be reasonable buying/selling price for old Intel E5300 processor ( I know it is ancient now :D Then again, some of us are still using them with no problems. I...
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    Anyone Still Using Nokia N900 In 2015?

    Hi Just interested to know if any of us here are still using Nokia N900. I've been using mine day-to-day from 4th July 2011, and bought a second one last month for R200. Of course both now have missing USB port, which I hope to get fixed sometime soon. There seems to be still a vibrant...
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    Illegal to Do Side Work on Visa?

    I would like to get some of your opinions and knowledge regarding my situation here in SA. I am a citizen of Swaziland, and am here in SA for volunteer work, for which I have a 2-year visa (currently waiting for renewal for a 3-year extension). The organization I'm affiliated with is covering...