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  1. blaaislaai

    Mate 8

    Anybody still rocking this old badboy? I'm still on Android 6.0 and there have not been any updates since I bought the phone 2 years ago. Build number NXT-C900B190 at the moment. I want to upgrade to firmware but can't find anything other than test-firmwares for my NXT-L09 I flashed...
  2. blaaislaai

    Network Calender sync

    I am looking for an application, preferably freeware to use in our department at work. This application should sync any changes made to a calender to all the PCs on the network, running that same calendar app. Basically like a calendar being shared between all the users on the network...
  3. blaaislaai

    Soda bottle rocket launcher

    Hi I am looking for an assembly kit for something similar to this: No way in hell I am paying R2k for it. Anywhere in SA where to find something...
  4. blaaislaai

    When Can I Cancel?

    I can upgrade again on 16 September 2012, but actually want to cancel my contract and move back to prepaid. Will I be able to cancel on that date? Or only on the day the contract was taken out,which is someday in December. Thanks
  5. blaaislaai

    My appendix..

    Not sure if I should goto the doctor yet, But from last night I have this very vague pain where my appendix is situated, its not painful, just a bit uncomfortable at times depending on how I am seated on the couch. At first I thought I need to fart, or take a dump but did those a few times...
  6. blaaislaai

    Logitech Z5500 controlpod

    Hi, I need a bit of help please.. My Z5500's control pod is dead, the subwoofer unit does receive power so the fuse is not dead even though i have replaced it as well.. System is not under warantee anymore either. Took the system to two audio repair shops, none of them could have...
  7. blaaislaai

    Case modding websites

    Is anyone aware of a website where I can buy case modding stuff from? I need a couple of fans and lights for my case. Prophecy I already checked, already added stuff to the cart. But want to know If I can get stuff for cheaper. doesn't seem to work anymore, was an awesome...
  8. blaaislaai

    Afrihost uncapped?

    I have recently contacted afrihost asking if they are planning to offer uncapped packages in the future. However they have told me that the subject has not been mentioned before but can be implemented on high demand. So please mybb, start demanding!! :D You never know how well their...
  9. blaaislaai

    Guitar hero package, what console?

    Hey dudes and dudettes, I'm looking for a full Guitar hero package, this would be the drums and the guitar included with the console. Does something like this exist? And then, I would like to know from you, what would be the best console to play Guitar hero on? Xbox360 or Wii ? Or even...
  10. blaaislaai

    I am Bored

    I'm so bored at work right now, still another 2hours to go before hometime. What can I do to make time go by faster? I don't have open access to the internet, so online games is not a option. Anyone have suggestions?
  11. blaaislaai

    HTC touch dual

    This phone have this orange light at the top, being active 24/7 even when plugged into the charger. The phone does not want to switch on at all! Left it to charge the whole of last night. What could be the problem?
  12. blaaislaai

    How to RAID partitions?

    Is is possible to RAID two partitions in RAID0 together? Basically I have 2x 1TB drives, Want to take 100gb from each and raid them to one 200gb. Will this work? I have not tried it yet, As I'm not at home. I know something can be done in Computer management Thanks
  13. blaaislaai

    Buying a GraphicsCard

    Hi, Im thinking to buy myself a graphics card, been playing from my onboard GPU a couple of months now and I want to start with some serious gaming! I currently have an ASUS M3N-HT DELUXE/Mempipe motherboard, its got 3way sli, so preferably a NVIDIA graphics card so I can use the SLI...
  14. blaaislaai

    lag every 1min

    Hi there guys, I have recently started to encounter this problem where all my online games, ( mostly FPS) have a spike in latency every 1minute! I have run spybot, picked up a few malware, fixed them but it didnt solve the problem. Avast is not updating every 1min so it cant be that...
  15. blaaislaai

    Ram timings

    Hi, Im having a bit of trouble configuring my RAM timings on the Asus M3N-HT Mempipe delux. When booting up I only see my ram is being detected as DDR2- 667 Unganged mode. I currently have 2x2GB Kingston HyperX 1066mhz modules installed. According to Kingston the ram timings for 1066mhz...
  16. blaaislaai

    Reasonable 5.1 sound system

    Hi, I would like to know from you guys, what would be a reasonable 5.1 sound system for my PC, under R1k At the moment Im using cheap headphones and its starting to frustrate me! I mostly listen to music and play HD movies, and a bit of games. Any input is much appreciated!
  17. blaaislaai

    AMD Phenom and Phenom2

    Hi, What exactly is the difference between the two? I cant google as most sites are blocked at work. Phenom is obviously older than the phenom2, Will it be a bad thing if I buy a Phenom? Thanks