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    Bathabile Dlamini Resigns as an MP with Immediate Effect

    Ding dong the b1tch is gone!
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    Life was better before the mine opened: Hard times hit mining villages

    In reality, what hope to unskilled people have.
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    Mamelodi Hospital begins probe after patient, 76, is found tied up on floor

    We need a gene bomb that runs through the entire population and picks off all the scum of the earth.
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    This is how much South African billionaire Johann Rupert got paid in 2019

    Well he earned it , vs all those ANC/EFF c*nts who just keep stealing.
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    Arbitrage on Luno?

    I think that is called scalping, anyways, make sure you're the maker on Luno, vs the taker.... or you get hit with fees.
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    Are you planning on playing Vanilla WoW?

    Rogues used to be a royal pain in the ass back then, so i might play a rogue ha ha.
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    Bulk Supplements

    Those prices are pretty ridiculous. Can find cheaper pretty much anywhere else. Your concentrate prices look like isolate prices.
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    SA Election 2019: Results

    Going to lol if they don't get 2/3rds with EFF support... but lets see what happens.
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    eff's paulsen predicts election victory in wc

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    Share the land or risk losing it all, Malema warns white South Africans

    also my collection of AWB regalia / old SA flag etc.
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    Share the land or risk losing it all, Malema warns white South Africans

    Imagine how much stuff would get stolen from your house during dinner .....
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    Election boycotters torch North West school for being voting station

    Don't build another school, the kids can then end up stupid and poor like their parents.
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    Share the land or risk losing it all, Malema warns white South Africans

    JOHANNESBURG – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has called on white South Africans to share land and other material gains or risk losing it all. As per the article link, get phukt Julias. We all know the land issue is just an excuse to expropriate everything else detailed...
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    Netflix takes on Showmax with more South African originals

    I don't really care for local content, mostly because its **** , but I thought Dollars and White Pipes wasn't too bad.
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    Which political party will you be voting for 2019 election?

    DA locally, probably ZACP nationally.
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    Pennsylvania woman killed in meat grinder accident

    Hell that's rough, i've seen how those things go through cattle....
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    How Durban man's 38th birthday ended with death in a Taxify ride

    How fking stupid do you have to be ...... oh well 1 less idiot on the streets.