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    le Creuset

    We bought a 31cm oval Le Creuset casserole on a good special about 20 years ago, still in good nick with careful use - no metal spoons used in it . Today we did slow roasted lamb with a sprig or two of rosemary, with the lid on till the last half hour. Mmmm was it good! If we choose one that...
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    Where in Cape town can a Family walk in nature safe

    BTTB, I hope genetic isn't reading this thread. When I commented similarly to your views on a thread a month ago, he accused me of an "old tannie response".
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    Does FNB do sworn affidavit?

    Not sure if you will have the same experience, but a while ago I needed one. The police have a set format that they use. I had to write it out myself (they dictated the official bits and I added the details) and they then signed and stamped. So go prepared with stationery, black pen etc.
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    Solar Geyser help

    Clearly as the price of electricity increases, so the payback time lessens, but we haven't bothered to work out exactly when and if that will ever exceed what we could have earned had we invested the money we spent. We did it primarily for ecological reasons rather than gambling on it saving us...
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    Solar Geyser help

    We had a retrofit done almost 10 years ago. Make sure it gets installed in the optimal place for sun exposure, even if that means a couple of extra metres of plumbing. We didn't get the solar pump add-on, which if we were to do the job again we would probably go for. Our control panel shows the...
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    As Venomous says, relax, and enjoy all your time together, as stress isn't helpful. Some of the following might not help your stress levels... Make sure both of you have a diet that is optimal. Stop smoking, both of you. Check your weight is correct, probably best for both of you. Avoid alcohol...
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    UIF website frustrations

    Apologies if there is a thread on this already, but when I searched MyBB for UIF it says the term is too short or too common... If anyone knows how to get around that, I'd be glad to know. If you are inconvenienced, frustrated, fed-up etc with trying to use the 'upgraded' UIF site, and have 11...
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    Buying a house....

    When you do find the time to get married, concentrate on the marriage rather than the wedding, and rather put the money an over-the-top wedding would have cost you into your bond, and pay that off a year or two early. It's possible to have a decent celebratory party without it costing an arm and...
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    How to with dad's ashes

    Before my mom's body was cremated, the undertaker asked if we wanted the coffin ashes separated from the body ashes (we didn't ask how they do that...) and we said yes. I was surprised at the small volume of ashes - around 600-700ml.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    We are between Iman Haron and Keurboom Roads, a bit closer to town than Gordon_R. I have just emptied 60mm from our gauge, though our 24 hour period runs from 8am to 8am so there will be more by tomorrow. Our highest reading in our garden over 29 years for one day in June (2009) was 104mm. Our...
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    How to with dad's ashes

    Yes, no chance that's going to decay any time soon. Very suitable.
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    How to with dad's ashes

    Condolences on the passing of your father, and strength to you as you comfort your mom and help her through what will doubtless be a difficult time for her. I think it's likely that it will decay eventually, even if you varnished or treated the outside. From what I gather, most people open the...
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    Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

    Agreed, but sometimes those tails get a lot of plumping up, just standing around swatting flies. You want to be able to savour the flavour of the meat without it swimming in fat. It's all about the ratio of meat to bone, the more meat there is on the bones, the more fat there will be...
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    Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

    Yummm. And it's such a winter thing (it hasn't started in Cape Town yet this year), I wonder what they do with all those ox tails the rest of the year?
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    Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

    I'm with you on the long and slow method for oxtail. Those bones just give up the fight and fall apart. And if you do it the day before you can skim off some/all/none of the excess fat before reheating and serving.
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    Well done Home Affairs and Standard Bank

    Filosofer, was this an initial or a so-called renewal application? If a renewal, did you pay R400 or R800? I paid R400 in January as mine was less than 6 months to expiry, but some people say it is now R800 even if you are within the 6 months.
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    Well done Home Affairs and Standard Bank

    There is a queue for all applications (online and not) and one for collections, to get into the office to the info desk just inside the door. Once they have your printout (DHA-SD) from your online application they scan that barcode and send you to the biometrics queue which is to the far right...
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    Woolworths Credit Card

    And a much greater proportion is on purchases at WW than at elsewhere.
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    Noisy Neighbors -Advice

    Hmm... not in my experience, particularly if I upload a photo and if it's e.g. a pothole or mains leak including a photo of the house closest to it or street sign or whatever.
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    Noisy Neighbors -Advice

    We got ours changed so that the siren only goes off for 8 seconds. Enough to let any would-be thieves know our alarm company as been alerted, and enough to wake us up if it is night. Can anyone think of a reason why it needs to be longer?