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  1. DrJohnZoidberg

    Where can I get a night guard (mouth guard for sleeping)?

    Anyone know where I can pick up a good quality night guard? I have jaw problems and want to see if using one of these will help at all. There is one on Takealot ( ) but it has really bad reviews so...
  2. DrJohnZoidberg

    Anyone know where I can pick up a right angle IEC power cable?

    Looking for a kettle plug with the right angle connector on the one end and a regular plug on the other, I can get one at RS components but it's a bit pricey with delivery. Anyone know of a place around Table View where I can get one? Pic:
  3. DrJohnZoidberg

    Ported number to Telkom, been two days still nothing...

    Anyone recently ported their mobile number to Telkom? How long did it take? Ported my Cell C number on Tuesday when I did my upgrade and nothing has happened yet, website says it should take no longer than 2 days.
  4. DrJohnZoidberg

    Help me choose a new fibre ISP

    Leaving Cool Ideas at the end of the month, would like some feedback on some of my options. I'm located in Table View, we only have Octotel here. I'm looking for >= 200/200 uncapped connection and need an ISP that has half decent customer support. So far my short list is as follows: 1...
  5. DrJohnZoidberg

    Nvidia will enable Variable Refresh Rate (aka FreeSync) - Drivers on 15th Jan This is excellent news, I've been using a FreeSync monitor for ages now with my 1080Ti - good to see I'll be able to make use of the feature again!
  6. DrJohnZoidberg

    Help installing dashcam cleanly (Table View)

    Any one know a reliable auto electrician or specialist company that can wire up a dashcam for me directly to my fuse box. I know I could do it myself but I'd prefer just not hassling and have someone do it cleanly for me in a lot less time than it would take me. TIA
  7. DrJohnZoidberg

    Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)

    Noticed there isn't an general thread for Battlefront 2 yet, good time to create one. Geonosis and Obi-Wan update dropping next week:
  8. DrJohnZoidberg

    Air-con installers in Cape Town?

    Looking for suggestions for a reputable installer to come around to my place and give an assessment, provide the unit and do the installation. Table View area. Any one have any experience with any companies recently they wish to share?
  9. DrJohnZoidberg

    Traffic shaping/prioritization in PfSense

    Been doing a lot of research in to traffic shaping policies for Pfsense as I wanted to get my network stable and be able to play games fine or maintain quality conference calls with Hangouts or Slack even if a Steam download kicks in or somebody starts streaming from my Plex server...
  10. DrJohnZoidberg

    Netgate (PfSense) appliances

    Anyone know where I can get a hold of Netgate appliance hardware locally (this stuff: They list a few authorized local distributors on their website but only one of them looks like a company I would actually do business with (I mean wtf is this...
  11. DrJohnZoidberg

    Can't only be me? How much do webpage pop-ups annoy you?

    I'm interested to know the level of annoyance different people experience with the full on page blocking pop-ups that more and more websites seem to be using these days. I'm referring to ones like this (random example from a Facebook linked article): I see it handled differently from...
  12. DrJohnZoidberg

    Anyone bought furniture from Lim (Cape Town)?

    Been Googling around like a mad man to find decent TV units, eventually found Lim ( that has some awesome looking stuff. Anyone bought stuff from there before if so how was the experience and overall quality of the end product? Thanks
  13. DrJohnZoidberg

    Vox FTTH 100/100 packages?

    Anyone know if Vox provides 100/100 FTTH packages via Octotel? They don't list the option but other providers like WA, Cool Ideas, etc. do have this option - I'd really prefer to stay with Vox though as I'm happy with their service. I've sent them a message via Facebook but asking around...
  14. DrJohnZoidberg

    Impossible to find good DisplayPort cables locally?

    Recently got a new monitor (1440p @ 144Hz) that needs a DisplayPort cable (DP to DP) to use FreeSync, it came bundled with one which is faulty (and overall just feels cheap). Tried all the regular places and for the life of me couldn't find a single place that sells quality cables that are...
  15. DrJohnZoidberg

    FreeNAS 10

    I'm really impressed with what the FreeNAS guys are doing with FreeNAS 10. I'm currently running beta 2 on a non-critical box and I'm really liking what I see so far (although it is still a bit rough around the edges).
  16. DrJohnZoidberg

    Visa Agencies. Can you recommend one?

    I need a Schengen visa for Poland but the only place I can do this is in Pretoria (sucks because I was just there two weeks ago). Anyone know if it's possible for a visa agency to do all the work without having to be there in person? If so do you know of any reputable agencies that could...
  17. DrJohnZoidberg

    Why no entry level high refresh rate Free Sync monitors available locally?

    Been looking at trying out a high refresh rate Free Sync monitor but it's impossible to find anything affordable locally, there are a few options but they would need to be imported and thus make it not only more expensive but also more of a pain if something goes wrong with it. Two monitors...
  18. DrJohnZoidberg

    Ultramel with almond flavour?

    Bought some regular vanilla Ultramel and it tastes like they put almond essence in it, which I find repulsive. Anyone had a similar experience?
  19. DrJohnZoidberg

    PayPal - 30-day withdrawal window

    Hey all, I've been accepting some small donations for a open source project I'm doing and received some donations already but I'm unsure how the law works where I must withdrawal the funds within 30 days of receiving it. What if that money already gets removed from the account by other...
  20. DrJohnZoidberg

    My pet Python... project for Plex.

    Few month ago I decided I wanted to learn Python, so I set myself up a project. Lately it's been consuming most of my spare time as I cram to get as much as I can done to get a stable release out. While not there yet it's at least starting to take shape and is useful without being too buggy...