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    Office 365 Outlook Error

    Hi, I am really hoping someone can help me out with this. I have a user on Mac running Office 365, everything works fine, but everytime she open hers Outlook a sign in pop out screen comes up asking her to log into an account like If she doesn't sign in her...
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    Loom Insurance for Smart Devices

    Hi, I am shopping for insurance for my devices, MacBook, iPhone and Apple Watch. To add them to my home contents is expensive, I came across Loom insurance and they are really cheap. Their reviews online are good, but has anyone here used them before?
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    Lenovo 330 17 Inch

    Hi there, Has anyone had experience with a Lenovo IdeaPad 330 17 Inch? I need a new laptop and this is the one I am looking at with 20GB RAM, 512 Ssd, and graphics. I do a lot of image processing work. Never used a Lenovo so need some feedback.
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    Apple Magic Mouse 2

    I am looking for an Apple Magic Mouse 2. Reference:
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    WANTED - LTE Router

    Hi, is anyone selling their LTE Router, preferrably in Centurion.
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    Paying from FNB Global Account

    Hi there, Does anyone know what the charges are if I send money from my AUD Global account to an Australian Commbank account? *Edit: 0.55% Commission fee (Min R160, Max R650) with an extra R115 admin fee.
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    Police Clearance Certificate

    Hello, I need to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate but don't want to wait the 6-8 weeks. Has anyone used an agency or service they can recommend for this?
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    VoIP Provider with support for Atcom

    Hi there, we currently have Atcom phones and need a new Voip prover, who can you recommend that you have personal good experience with?
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    Rain Speed in The Reeds, Centurion?

    Hi there, Does anyone have Rain in The Reeds Centurion? What are the average speeds that you get?
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    40 min layover in Gaborone

    Hi there, I normally never do less than a hour lay over but this is unfortunate. I am flying from Francis town to Gaborone (40 min layover) then onwards to JHB. Would you say this is enough time to switch flights, baggage and passport control? Even if all goes well and there is no delay?
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    iPhone X Touch Issues

    Hi there, My iPhone X is having intermittent issues normally on the right bottom on the screen where I would be trying to type but it does not register the touch. It was reported in the below article and said Apple would replace the screen for free but does this include iStore South Africa...
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    Cutting (gym term)

    Hi there, I am going to start my first cutting (calorie deficit) period next year. Anyone got some tips for me? How to start?
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    MTN Data Customer Care

    Hi there, What number can I phone that I will actually be able to speak to a technical consultant? I have a number that does not get data signal (LTE, 3G) and even bough a new sim card and still nothing. So it must be something blocked on this number but cannot find a number to actaully speak...
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    SharePoint Migration Tool

    Hi All, We are migrating data using the SharePoint migration tool, but have run into a problem which the internet does not have much help for. We are now trying to migrate a small folder of around 19GB but it is failing saying not enough disk space although we have over 1TB remaining on...
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    L2TP VPN being blocked

    HI there, I have always had Vodacom Fibre but recently changed to a different plan which vodacom then also installed a new Black Nokia router. Since then, I cannot connect to VPN on my Mac using L2TP. Windows devices are connecting fine. I am waiting for nearly 2 weeks for vodacom support so is...
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    Office 365 Error

    Hi there, I have searched the web without any luck so hoping someone here has some guidance. I am trying to add an exchange account to office 365, if I add through outlook it opens some weird address with a bunch of numbers and if I try through control panel I get the following error: "name...
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    IT Course with IT Academy

    Hi there, I am looking at doing this course with IT Academy: Can anyone vouch for them? Will the course be recognized with those companies looking for someone with a A+ N+ qualification?
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    VPN On Mac

    Hi Guys, I would like to setup my office VPN on Macbook Pro. Does anyone know what the remote and Local ID in the image is relating to?
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    Meal Prep

    Hi Guys, Looking for some ideas for a weekly meal prep? What do you do? Trying to keep a balanced diet but slightly higher in protein for muscle gain. What recipes are nice for chicken breasts?
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    FNB Credit Card Agreement

    Hi there, Does anyone know how I can get a copy of my credit card agreement from FNB online? Or somewhere online to check what my current interest rate is?