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  1. agentrfr

    Anyone have a USB->Serial Baofeng Radio programming cable?

    Does anyone have one of these lying around, or know of someone working at a security company that uses Baofeng radios? Will buy you a coffee :) My parents bought two pairs of UV-5R 888S radios from One Day Only to use out where they stay to talk to tennants (cell signal bad even with boosters...
  2. agentrfr

    [W] 2100 MHz Cell Phone Booster

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): A 2100 MHz cell phone booster/amplifier. Target gain ~= 55 dB, output power ~= 17dBmW. N connectors preferred. I have an outdoor and indoor antenna, just need the booster. Is packaging essential?: Bubble wrap? Desired age and condition: As long as it is working...