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    Report: Blizzard Forbids “Okay” Symbol in Overwatch League Arena – Claims It’s a “White Power Symbol”

    RIP the good ol Blizzard. You either die a hero or you live long enough to become...this. Source:
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    Trans woman attacked by Algerians from France

    If Western Counties keep important people en masse that don't agree with their values, this will keep happening.
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    Can you get a prepaid meter for a house directly from Tshwane?

    Renting out my house and want to install a prepaid meter. I've found 3rd parties that will install the meter and you have to pay a 10% service fee. Is there nowhere where you can get a meter directly from Tshwane and avert the 3rd party fee?
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    Lots of stuff giveaway or low price emigrating

    Doing from my phone do excuse the formatting. Will update as i getthrought it Free stuff Hero2 Ups Xbox 360 (cd drive stuffed) Adsl router In centurion. Pick up today or sunday afternoon
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    Temporary guardianship of children

    My child is going to stay with my parents for a while and we're going to be out of the country, is there any paperwork I need to fill in to give them temporary guardianship? For instance if something happens and he needs to go for an operation?
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    So we're heading overseas, and German Shepherds aren't allowed in the city...

    It's a crap situation. We love our dogs - they are family. Live with us in the house and goes on holiday with us. But it's come to that and my wife has already left, and I'll be leaving in the next month. No big breed dogs are allowed in the city we are moving to. So now, what to do with the...
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    Fixing Jeans in Gauteng

    I got about 8 jeans who all have a hole near my butt. You might wonder how on earth this happens - I have a habit of riding down railings on my ass. Heard with material glue it's possible to stick another piece of denim behind the hole so it looks decent still. Any idea of someone that does this?
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    Register your solar panel or face a R6,400 fine, Cape Town (DA) warns residents

    DA has gone down the crapper, honestly. This is even worse than some of the antics the ANC is up to. Try and help yourself, get fined booi!
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    SABC needs "only" R3billion of our taxes
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    Stay away from Afrihost fibre - for you own sanity!

    Afrihost support guy just confirmed I am being shaped to 3mb/s from a 10mb/s line. My current usage is 79GB this month. Apparently there's some rollover policy from last month. Do you want 3mb fibre at the price of 10mb? Go with Afrihost :/ Skedaddling to another ISP the moment the 6 month...
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    Just got a call from Mmusi Maimane

    Automated voice call where he says how angry he is. First off, where do these fools get my number? Having to listen to this chop made me angry too. Mmusi is a legend, uniting us in anger.
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    No Water in Eldoraigne, Centurion?

    Anyone else affected? Can't see anything online.
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    Get fancy in a convertible

    Thought I'd do a shameless plug here. We're leaving on a jet-plane so selling, among other things, the wife's Audi A3 convertible. Parked in garage at home and underground at work. Practically brand new with 21K on the clock. She bought it with top end features like the Bang and Olufsen sound...
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    Financial advisor for off shore investments

    First a bit of context on why this is a challenging prospect for myself. I know many individuals, my parents included, that were given financial advice that was more beneficial to the advisor in terms of commission, rather than in the best interest of the individual. I also have also been...
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    2015 Audi A3 1.4TFSI Convertible

    Relocating overseas and selling pristine condition convertible with *very low* kilometers. - Full Milano leather with red detail stitch - Bang and Olufsen sound system - Xenon Lights. - Rear parking assist - Driver information system with color display - Light and rain sensor One lady owner...